A-Designs MP-2A

A-Designs MP-2A is a true tube-in, tube-out stereo microphone pre-amplifier

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    The A-Designs MP-2A is a true tube-in, tube-out stereo microphone pre-amplifier based on the celebrated MP-2 from A-Designs Audio.

    The new "A" series has many modifications incorporated from the original MP Series. Some of the newer features include a -20dB Pad Switch, selectable tone switches, which allows you to create 4 different tones per channel. Also, the new output gain standard of the MP-1A and MP-2A Series is now 60 dB! Perfect for the new generation of Ribbon Microphones.

    Utilizing world class input transformers by CineMag and custom designed output transformers for the lowest noise level and highest quality sound, the A-Designs MP-2A brings the warmth and richness of analog to your recordings while maintaining a crystal clear spectrum of sound. The MP-2 is a professional class preamp for use on a variety of sources, and includes rear panel instrument and front panel line level inputs.

    It delivers warmth, transparency, and a quality sound with a clean and airy high end like only a high quality all-tube pre-amp can.
    • All True Tube Design
    • Dual EF86 Input Tubes
    • Dual 6N1P Output Tubes
    • Dual Cinemag Input Transformers
    • Dual Custom Wound Output Transformers
    • Dual VU Meters
    • Dual Level Controls
    • Dual -20dB Pad Switch
    • Dual Polarity Switch
    • Dual Phase Switches
    • Two pairs of Selectable Tone Switches
    • Custom Milled Face Plate
    • Solid Vented Metal Frame
    • 2U Rack size
    • Toroid Power Transformer
    • Dual XLR Input Connectors
    • Dual XLR Output Connectors
    • Dual 1/4 Inch Direct Injects
    • High Gain (60 dB)
    Input Impedance : 1.4k Ohm

    Gain Range : 60 dB

    Noise (EIN) : -128 dB

    Mic Phantom Power : 48 Volt, Switchable

    Mic Input Phase : 0-180 Ohm Switchable

    Instrument Jack Input : dual XLR rear plus dual 1/4" front

    Input Impedance : Min > 100k Ohm

    Balanced Output : dual XLR

    Output Impedance : 600 Ohms Switchable to 10k

    Maximum Level : +22 dBu

    Output : Low-Z, transformer-balanced

    Frequency Response : 28 Hz - 60k Hz

    Distortion (THD) : > .08 @ 1 Khz

    Power Requirements : 100/120/230 VAC - 42 Watts

    Dimensions (W x H x D) : 19" x 3.5" x 10", 482 x 89 x 254 mm

    Weight : 18 lbs. (6.8 kg)

    Shipping Weight : 20 lbs (7.7 kg)
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