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  1. DonnyThompson
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    Specializing in solo-songwriter artist recording assistance!

    Do you have a finished song, but just need it recorded or mixed?
    Or, perhaps your song is currently only in your head, or maybe just a few chords or lyrics written down on a scrap piece of paper?

    Let me help you to finally realize your dream of professionally recording your songs!

    State of the art digital recording, including top-notch professional studio caliber microphones, preamps and instruments; coupled with over 33 years of professional experience as a professional musician and audio engineer/producer, with extensive experience in synthesizers and midi production, vocals/harmonies, drum patterns, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm and lead guitar, piano, orchestration; we can help you realize your dream of recording your songs - professionally.
    Affordable all-inclusive packages available, which include writing and arranging assistance, multi-instrument performance and recording, backing vocals, recording and mixing.
    (We can even work in the comfort and familiarity of your own home studio, if you prefer !)

    By appointment only. Email DonnyAir@hotmail.com to discuss your project!

    Home Studio Consultation

    Do you have a home studio -but don't feel as though you are getting the most out of your equipment? As a veteran audio engineer, with over 33 years of experience of working at professional studios, (as well as owning several of my own professional recording facilities), I can help you improve your recording and mixing techniques - and ultimately, your sound.
    Let me help you to get better in Pro Tools, Sonar, Logic, Samplitude, (virtually any DAW platform), by giving you tips and teaching you "tricks" that only professional engineers know, as well as instructing you on proper use of audio tools like EQ, Gain Reduction (compressors/limiters) effects and editing, along with choosing the right mics, using proper miking technique, setting optimum gain structure, midi composition, and assistance in recording and mixing techniques, I can also assist you with acoustical analysis of your room, and possible corrective measures, to insure that your room is as acoustically "balanced" as possible, and that the mixes you hear in your room will translate well to other systems.

    Let me come to you, and teach you how to get the best sound possible,
    out of your own gear in your own room. :)

    Email DonnyAir@hotmail.com to discuss your studio situation, and for consultation rates.

    Audio Images Recording (A.I.R.) has been in business in the Akron/Canton Ohio area since 1983, specializing in Audio Recording, Mixing, Remixing, Recording of Real Instruments for Sampling, Voice Overs, Artist-Songwriter Production Assistance, Arrangement, Performance (Vocals, Background Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums (Live and VSTi), Acoustic 6 and 12 String Guitar), and Project Consultation.

    Since 1983, A.I.R. has recorded hundreds of albums, singles, commercials, jingles, and assisted solo artists and songwriters - many who come in with nothing more than a few chords on a guitar and some lyrics on a piece of paper, at which point we can be your engineers, producers, arrangers, session players and project consultants, all rolled into one - turning your rough idea into a polished and finished, release-ready mix.

    Email Donnyair@hotmail.com to discuss your project.
    Akron, OH U.S.A.

Recent Reviews

  1. audiokid
    Donny is not only an excellent musician, but a first class producer , recording and mixing engineer.
    I have personally worked on some of his projects and was completely amazed over his abilities that encompass musicianship and audio engineering. He has an excellent voice and sense of tonalities that only come with the gift of music and years of experience in this industry.

    Highly recommended!
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