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Ableton Live 9

Live 9 comes in three editions: Intro, Standard and Suite.

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    Live 9 comes in three editions: Intro, Standard and Suite.
    The editions share common features, but Standard and Suite have additional features, Instruments, Packs and Effects.
    Here are the features common to all editions of Live 9:
    • Unique Session View for quick, intuitive composition, flexible
    performance and improvisation
    • Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz
    • Nondestructive editing with unlimited undo
    • Powerful MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
    • Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching
    • Unlimited Instruments, Audio effects and MIDI effects per project
    • Group tracks
    • VST and Audio Unit support
    • Time signature changes
    • Multiple automation lanes
    • Track Freeze
    • Automatic plug-in delay compensation
    • MIDI remote control instant mapping
    • MIDI output to hardware synths
    • MIDI Clock/sync
    • ReWire
    • Multicore/multiprocessor support
    • WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC file support

    The essentials at a great price • Some feature limitations • 3 Instruments • 26 Effects • 700+ Sounds (4GB) •
    Audio and MIDI tracks: 16 • Scenes: 8 • Send and Return tracks: 2 • Audio inputs: 2 • Audio outputs: 2.
    INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS: Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 or later, or PC with Windows XP,Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8; Multicore processor; 2GB RAM; 1024x768 display; DVD drive or broadband internetconnection for installation
    DISK USED IF ALL INCLUDED SOUNDS ARE INSTALLED:Live 9 Suite: 55 GB free disk spaceLive 9 Standard: 12 GB free disk space