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submit news, press releases, annoucements, product information and pro recording studio services

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    The Resource Section is an add-on that allows members to manage resources such as extended business content, files and tutorials or other article-like content along side the normal forums. The aim is allow business content to be listed with a focus on the initial content rather than discussion surrounding it.

    However, this service can also include a digital download to your store and a personal support forum which is created with the subscription of each Resource .

    RECORDING ORG has customized this for the various music industry services that surround our discussions.
    This is a subscribed feature that can be purchased for various categories targeted to your business such as, Studios, Consulting , Services, Marketplace - Digital Downloads, Press Releases, Product Announcements and more. We can even customize a Resource just for you!
    You must be a registered member before you can subscribe.
    For more information, see Account Upgrades. http://recording.org/account/upgrades
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