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Algorithmix Upgrade easy Renovator to Renovator

Algorithmix is proud to offer its unparalleled Pro PlugIn family

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    Algorithmix is proud to offer its unparalleled Pro PlugIn family, the result of many years intensive research and development work on digital audio, psychoacoustics and digital signal processing.

    All Pro PlugIns are based on ultra low-noise algorithms and equipped with clickless parameter update. They perfectly work with sampling frequencies up to 384 kHz thus being ideally suitable for high-resolution DSD post-processing.

    Leading experts in mastering, post-production and sound restoration use our Pro PlugIns achieving outstanding sonic results. They save time and money as well as increase overall system reliability by consequent avoidance of expensive hardware processors externally connected to their DAWs. Convince yourself, ask for your individual demo version, and test it with a critical project.
    LP SplitComp new!
    VST high-resolution linear-phase mastering split compressor featuring parallel mode, linear-phase split filters, adjustable soft knee, intelligent auto-release, and parameterized soft clipper. The current release is configured as a stereo version. However it's intended to implement it to be VST 3.0 compatible as soon as the major audio editing systems have switched to this new VST version. The compatibility to VST 3.0 will automatically induce multichannel ability.

    VST 3.0 PlugIn based on a patented psychoacoustical process that extracts the ambience inherent in ordinary recordings and is capable of spreading it around the soundstage as well as enlarging its depth and width without adding any artificial reverberation. K-Stereo does not have a sound of its own; it fills in what’s been missing. It is also capable to make a natural mono to stereo conversion.
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    Classic PEQ Blue
    DirectX/VST 10-band high-resolution PEQ switchable among dozen equalizer characteristics emulating the most legendary analog equalizer circuits.
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    rescues problematic live recordings from unwanted disturbances when all other audio tools fail. Extremely time-saving sound repair for mastering and post-production.
    [more info...]

    a special modified version of reNOVAtor equipped with well prepared preset-like controls and thus especially suitable for very time-effective workflow.
    [more info...]

    DirectX/VST Plug-In that effectively removes clicks, crackles and any other transient noises with virtually no artifacts and no degradation of the original signal.
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    DirectX/VST PlugIn that significantly reduces any kind of broadband noise while still excellently preserving the audio quality of the original signal.
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    LinearPhase PEQ Red
    DirectX/VST 10-band mastering linear-phase parametric equalizer with unique continuous-slope shelving and low/high cut filters for punchy lows and silky highs.
    [more info...]

    LinearPhase PEQ Orange
    DirectX/VST 10-band precise linear-phase parametric equalizer for mastering and re-mastering of complex mixes without unwanted sound coloration and transient smearing.
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