AnaMod Realios 9033

Realios A9033 Preamp

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    A New Idea In Microphone Preamps

    • All discrete transistor design
    • All voltage gain from transformers
    • Extremely open and uncolored
    • Will not clip with known mics
    • Switchable phantom power
    • Single-space 500 series rack format

    A clipping problem arose one day while recording a really loud vocalist singing through a U47 microphone. The problem was assumed to be the clipping of the microphone since every mic preamp in the studio also was clipping in this signal chain.

    Upon further measurement it was determined that the U47 output was not clipping, it was outputing a signal of -15 dBm. Too much output for most mic preamps.

    The solution was the A9033. This microphone preamp was designed for this situation. However, the added benefit of passive voltage gain possibly makes this the most transparent and open sounding microphone preamp ever.
    • Passive transformer gain
    • Switch for phantom power
    • Phase reverse switch
    • Microphone Input Impedance: 1.2KΩ, balanced
    • Output Impedance: less than 50Ω
    • Â Max. Output Level: +32dBu, transformer balanced
    • Gain: 5 to 20 dB in 3 dB steps
    • Â Frequency Response: +/- 1 dB from 7Hz to 85kHz
    • Noise Level: better than 86dB below +4dBu, 0-30kHz
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