Antelope Isochrone TRINITY

The Antelope Trinity : Universal High definition Master Clock.

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    In the fickle world of Audio & Video formats, the new Trinity will be the Master Clock that stands out from the crowd for years to come, with the kind of features that other manufacturers can only aspire to. With dedicated functions and controls, The new Trinity is the best sounding and most versatile Master Clock available anywhere. There are unique features that are only available on the Trinity - such as Audio up to 384kHz, Varispeed, Nine completely independent generators, and a Triple display! Of course, all of this comes in an intuitive menu-free user interface, just as you would expect from Antelope.

    Oven control
    The crystal oscillators in the isochrone Trinity are housed in a temperature controlled oven, as commonly used in military and satellite communication. This keeps the oscillator at a constant temperature making the Isochrone 100x more stable than similar products.

    Atomic clock
    The Isochrone Trinity can be locked to the most accurate clock on Earth: the Atomic clock. A studio can truly achieve perfect stability with the power of Atomic Clock, and only Isochrone clocks are capable of locking to this unprecedented technology.

    Brand new 64 bit design
    Trinity is the culmination of many years of clocking knowhow from the designers at Antelope, and is a brand new design with more design integration which leads to an even tighter and more focused sound quality. The 4th generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking with 64 bit DDS plays a major role in why Trinity makes your converters sound even better than ever.

    Cutting edge video
    Now that HD video has become a common standard, we decided to include not one, but three HD generators in Trinity. Whether you are locking to or generating video - HD, PAL and NTSC are available in all formats simultaneously whilst of course being perfectly in sync. Each HD channel has 2 outputs, but it's possible to set all three HD generators to the same format thus giving 6 physical outputs. Once again, very versatile!

    Latest generation gearboxing
    Put anything in, get anything out. Reference 48kHz and output 44.1kHz, sample-locked to the source. Put in NTSC, get Pal out. You can even lock the black burst generator to audio clock; put in 96kHz and get NTSC out!

    User friendly interface
    With all these features you might think that Trinity is difficult to use. Well, no. Just like all other aspects of Antelope design, usability is very important to us. No nested menus, or unnecessary button pushing. Just easy and clean design that helps professionals get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

    Varispeed and sample rates
    New for Trinity, it is now possible to varispeed +/- 200 cents. If you prefer, it can be adjusted in percent. The sample rates have also been upgraded and now go from 32 kHz to 384 kHz. Standard pull-ups/pull-downs plus varispeed means that virtually any rate can be dialed in.

    USB control
    With all the options that Trinity has to offer, we thought that remote control via USB would be a very good idea. This is especially useful when Trinity is out of reach at the bottom of your rack. The connection is USB 2.0 full-speed and allows full remote control via PC and Mac with the additional ability to load and save presets. Firmware upgrades are also allowed via this connection.

    Generators for days with Trinity
    With nine completely independent and simultaneous generators, Trinity will get the job done. All this functionality makes possible tasks that would normally require multiple units of other devices. In one box, Trinity will save you time. Imagine! One pass with multiple frequencies and formats of virtually any choice, all running in perfect synchronization. Well, imagine no longer, because it's truly possible with Trinity.

    Peace of mind
    Clocking is a critical task, and should never be confusing. With straightforward controls dedicated to specific tasks, warning lights for critical errors, extensive termination diagnostics and a highly visible, accurate frequency display, operating status is apparent at a momentary glance. Never before has such a powerful device been so easy to use.
    • 4th Generation of Acoustically Focused Clocking employing 64 bit DSP leads to a new level in detailed & focused sound.
    • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator or Atomic input for supremely low jitter.
    • Factory calibrated to better than +/- 0.001 ppm accuracy.
    • A wealth of rear panel connectivity for tremendous flexibilty
    • Comprehensive audio gearboxing for anything in, anything out
    • Atomic input for ultimate performance
    • 3 Independent & simultaneous audio generators up to 384kHz, and varispeed control +/- 200 cents.
    • 3 Independent & simultaneous HD generators, covering 16 formats
    • 3 Independent & simultaneous SD generators, simultaneously offering PAL & NTSC.
    • Full Euro and USA Pull-ups / pull-downs for SD and HD video.
    • USB connection via PC & Mac allowing full remote control, loading/saving presets and firmware upgrades.
    • Dual redundant power supply with automatic switchover for added reliability
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