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    Voltikus is a sleek heavy-duty Power Supply Unit (PSU) designed to perfectly match your Zodiac DAC. Carefully tailored to deliver uncompromised power, Voltikus helps Zodiac achieve the punch and sonic richness of deep lows, a full range of mids, and tightly defined highs. This degree of performance is accomplished by incorporating a hefty, custom-wound, electrostatically shielded toroidal transformer followed by a unique concept of three cascaded power regulators. A precision laser-trimmed voltage reference (LT1021) serves as the backbone of this discrete design, achieving the stability impossible with off-the-shelf voltage regulators. Voltikus is a true engineering breakthrough from Antelope's respected team of high-end audio experts.
    Audiophile grade PSU perfectly matching Zodiac DACs in aesthetics and performance
    • Unique multi-stage linear regulator topology achieves vastly superior stability
    • Toroidal transformer with custom electrostatic shield suppresses power line disturbances
    • Ground / Lift switch helps eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops
    • Wide (90-250V) input voltage range ensures dependable operation under varying line conditions
    • Advanced discrete design dispenses with the need for noisy off-the-shelf voltage regulators
    • Robust sturdy construction with custom machined aluminum front panel
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