Apogee Symphony 64 ThunderBridge

Leverage the Full Power of Thunderbolt

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    Apogee's Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge is a 64-channel Thunderbolt connection for Apogee's Symphony I/O. Using the Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge, you can connect Symphony I/O to any Thunderbolt-equipped Macintosh for rock-solid compatibility and blazing-fast performance. A trim desktop unit, Symphony | 64 ThunderBridge will also connect X-Symphony-equipped AD-16X, DA-16X, and Rosetta Series converters to Thunderbolt Macs. Apple's Thunderbolt connectivity has opened up a world of professional recording possibilities. If you're into high-performance recording on your Thunderbolt-equipped Mac, check out Apogee's Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge.
    • Connects up to 64 channels of Apogee I/O to any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac
    • Operates at sample rates from 44.1-192kHz
    • Compatible with Symphony I/O and X-Symphony-equipped Rosetta 800, 200, AD16X, and DA16X.
    • Latency = 1.8 ms at 96kHz/32 buffer
    • Two Thunderbolt ports for connecting additional devices
    • Two PC-32 ports for connection to Apogee interfaces
    • Word Clock Out
    • DC Input - 12V DC 30W (power supply included)
    • Status LED to indicate whether or not the device has been configured properly