Avedis Audio MA5

The Avedis Audio MA5 was created for the need of a high quality microphone preamplifier

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    The Avedis Audio MA5 was created for the need of a high quality microphone preamplifier in the characteristic sound of early 70's British Class-A consoles. The re-engineering in the creation of the MA5 stemmed from years of experience restoring both American and British modules, deeply rooted in classic transformer-balanced, discrete electronics. Only the best and most suitable components are used throughout, regardless of cost, to attain the best sound.

    Much time was spent on the MA5, not only on the engineering side of the design, but also to extensive sound evaluations in observation of specific settings, gain structures, and key components, spanning a time frame of a little over a year.

    We have always believed that even with some of the best audio test analyzers we own and use, our ears' sensitivity, coupled with good judgement of sound through experience, is still unparalleled. In the end, it is our ears we are trying to satisfy.

    Its full and open sound is due to a rich content of harmonics, particularly in the very low frequencies even down to 10Hz and below. The clear mids and smooth highs come through without sounding dull or smeared.
    • Standard 500 series modular size 1.5" x 5.25"
    • Single-ended Class A amplifier
    • UK made Carnhill/St Ives input transformer
    • Custom designed Jensen output transformer
    • Stepped gain rotary switch in 5dB steps
    • Output level pot for trim and mute
    • LED lit pushbuttons
    • 28kHz feature brings out high frequency detail
    • Custom made Marconi style knobs
    • High headroom & CMR, Low noise design
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