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Aviom AN-16/i-M

The AN-16/i-M converts 16 mic- or line-level analog audio channels

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    The AN-16/i-M converts 16 mic- or line-level analog audio channels into uncompressed, full bandwidth 24-bit digital audio transmitted via A-Net.

    The AN-16/i-M is a 3U-high rack-mounted mic- and line-level input device with sixteen high-quality microphone preamps and 24-bit A-to-D converters. Each channel contains a three-segment level meter, a continuously variable gain knob, a phase reverse switch, 48-volt phantom power, and a rumble filter with an 85Hz rolloff. In addition, each pair of channels can be Stereo Linked for stereo operation in a Pro16 Monitor Mixing System.

    The rear panel of the AN-16/i-M contains a host of professional connectivity features. Each channel has a combo jack that can accept either XLR mic or 1/4-inch line-level (balanced or unbalanced) inputs. Sixteen passive mic Thru connectors create a built-in microphone splitter. Balanced insert points with separate 1/4-inch Send and Return jacks allow easy interfacing with external processing devices. The sixteen insert Sends can also be used as a set of post-gain direct audio outputs. The AN-16/i-M uses an internal power supply with a standard IEC power connector.

    Two parallel A-Net outputs allow the AN-16/i-M to send A-Net data to multiple destinations, allowing for simultaneous patching to a monitor console and a front-of-house console. Both A-Net outputs feature heavy duty Neutrik EtherCon combo RJ45 connectors. The built-in A-Net Expansion jack allows two 16-channel A-Net streams to be combined onto a single cable (32x0 or 16x16), and the AN-16SBR System Bridge can be used to combine up to four 16-channel streams onto a single cable in a variety of bi-directional configurations.

    As with all Pro16 Series products, Cat-5e cable runs of up to 500 feet (150 meters) are possible between devices.


    • Sixteen high quality mic preamplifiers, with 24-bit A-to-D converters
    • XLR mic or 1/4-inch TRS balanced line-level inputs on combo jacks
    • 48-volt phantom power on each channel
    • Three-segment LED level meter
    • Continuously variable gain knob for each channel
    • Phase reverse switch per channel
    • Rumble filter switch (85Hz rolloff) on each channel
    • Stereo Link switch per pair of channels
    • Built-in passive mic splitter
    • Balanced insert send and return jacks (1/4-inch TRS)
    • Dual A-Net outputs
    • A-Net Expansion jack for 32x0 and 16x16 channel systems
    • Internal universal power supply; IEC power connector


    Input : XLR, TRS; Combo Jack
    Insert Send/ Return : Connector: TRS, Signal: Impedance Balanced,
    Nominal Level: 0 dBu
    A-Net Output : one Category 5 (RJ45 connector)
    A-Net Expansion : one Category 5 (RJ45 connector)
    Gain Range : Mic: +6dB to +60dB, variable
    Line: -15dB to +36dB, variable
    Input Impedance : Mic: 2.4 ohms, Line (TRS): 33k ohms, Insert Return: 39k ohms
    Low Cut Filter : -3dB @85Hz, -18dB per octave
    Phantom Power : +48 volts, per channel
    A/D Converters : 24 bit
    Digital Outputs : A-Net: 2 (Main and Aux), A-Net Expansion: 1
    Power Supply : Internal, universal switching type; standard IEC cable provided
    Voltage : 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 60W
    Dimensions : 19" wide x 9.25" deep x 5.25" high (3U)
    Weight : 12 lbs.