FAB BV Style Transformers for Neumann U47, U47FET - Special Offer!

FAB BV Style Transformers for Neumann U47, U47FET - Special Offer!

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    FAB now have an outstanding new range of transformers for Neumann originals and clones. The FAB V8 is for the Neumann U47 and is made to the original factory specification of the BV8 with FAB manufactured custom 4 chamber bobbin. The FAB V8F is for the U47 FET version and the FAB V11 is for the Neumann M49. The FAB V12 is for the Neumann U67 clones.

    FAB V8 a.jpg

    Recent email from customer in Russia on FAB V8 Transformer:

    I couldn't resist to try your transformer. The second parcel has still not reached me, and I was anxious. I did not fully install the transformer, but just connect it to the schema without pulling the old Haufe. I must say that I am shocked. I tested a few different transformers and never heard such a balanced clean tone. Haufe a little more muddy ( not in good way) and heavy in comparison. I like your transformer more than all that I have heard lately. Congratulations, this is beautiful work. I wish you all the luck in your case, I'm glad I was able to make myself to keep looking, otherwise I wouldn't have met your development.



    FAB also sell a range of Ribbon Microphone Transformers like the best selling 4196.


    If anyone would like to try a BV style transformer I can do a special one off introductory price for Recording.org members - for further details please contact: info@fabmicrophones.com or PM here.

    For further information and details of the FAB range please see: www.fabmicrophones.com
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