Full Compass Announces Cristin Livezey as Vice President of Finance and Procurement

Full Compass Announces Cristin Livezey as Vice President of Finance and Procurement

  1. FullCompass
    Madison, WI – Full Compass Systems, a national leader in professional audio, video, lighting, A/V and musical instrument sales, is proud to announce that Cristin Livezey has expanded her role to Vice President of Finance and Procurement. In addition to managing the company’s financial accounting, Cristin will now manage the Purchasing department as well.

    Livezey joined Full Compass as a Corporate Controller in 2008 and helped to drive initiatives resulting in record sales. In 2010, she was promoted to Vice President of Finance and has since been dedicated to deepening outside financial relationships, optimizing internal processes and controls, and managing cash flow to achieve profitable growth for the company.

    “Combining these two departments will improve efficiencies and continue a high-level of support for our vendors,” stated Chief Operating Officer, Doug Carnell. “Cristin’s new role is the result of careful consideration and our goal to continually improve service to both our customers and our vendors.”


    Full Compass is a national supplier of professional audio, video, lighting and musical instruments. We offer over 700 comprehensive lines including sound reinforcement, recording, special effects lighting, acoustical treatment, security products, instruments and accessories.
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