Millennia Media dual-channel HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps.

HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps

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    Packed into rugged aluminum chassis and powered from 12-15 VDC so they can go anywhere, Millennia’s new portable preamps bring you the clarity of the acclaimed HV-3 in two flavors: the dual-channel HV-32P, with two 200 Series HV-32 preamps on board, and the HV-35P, a portable version of our 500 Series HV-35 preamp.

    Carry them with you, stack them horizontally or vertically, bolt three of them into a Middle Atlantic rack shelf—these preamps are designed to deliver Millennia quality from desktop to treetop.

    If musical realism is among your goals, you've found the right place. Almost 20 years ago, we set out to capture living moments of musical performance in recordings. Our ongoing quest for circuit designs and components that can satisfy the most critical listening has fueled continual growth - over 35,000 HV-3 microphone preamplifier channels are in use by leading audio professionals worldwide. We apply our uniquely rigorous empirical design process to solid-state and vacuum tube preamps, equalizers, compressors, mixers, recording input channels and specialized tools for archival transfer and other demanding applications. Every new design must convince us that it sets new precedents in sonic transparency and product longevity.

    So far, we've received 13 TEC Award nominations, 9 Excellence Awards and Reviewer's Picks from Pro Audio Review, the British SSAIRA Award, a BBC Record of the Year, EQ Magazine's Blue Ribbon, a Positive Feedback Writer's Choice Award, ProSoundWeb/Live Sound Readers' Choice and 2 Stereophile Class A Awards. We invite you to explore our product range, and hope you can join our Owner's Register - the growing list of venues and audio professionals who build their reputations with tools from Millennia Music & Media.
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