MuseFair - Alternative Auction Site for Musicians

Going live in December

  1. DarthPreamp

    Welcome to MuseFair, an alternative auction site for individual musicians.

    Large auction websites take too high a percentage and are now dominated by retailers and online stores, inflating prices and obscuring the peer to peer marketplace.

    We created MuseFair to give musicians a fair and true peer to peer online market.

    This will give our community of musicians a chance to buy and sell directly, without the high percentage of current auction sites and without additional retail competition clogging and obscuring the market. Musefair is for individual musicians and those with an interest in music and gear of any size, shape, creed, or level.

    Note: This is not the place for retail sellers or online stores. Only fellow musicians, who want to continue buying and selling gear in the hope of perfecting the craft of making music.

    Musefair will go live on December 1st, 2015 12am EST.

    MuseFair Fee Structure

    Re-listing is free for 12 months from initial listing date.


    Questions or comments? contact MuseFair

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