Mytek Digital Stereo192 ADC

24 bit, 192 kHz ADC (AC/battery powered)

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    This unit is designed for the best sound quality to take full advantage of high sampling rates. It's intended for the most demanding recording and mastering for SACD and DVD-A.

    Battery power provides portability for remote and film sound applications.

    Ultra stable clock generator and carefully designed audiophile front end allow the capture of all sonic details up to 100kHz. The sound of converter at high sampling rates is extremely transparent and "analog" like because of neglegible digital filter artifacts in the audio band.
    • Superior converter specs and absolutely top notch sonic performance
    • 24 bit output
    • Internal 10ps clock generator
    • Wordclock AND Protools Superclock ® input and output. Can be used as a very stable low jitter house clock
    • Input volume control for easy level adjustment (switchable in/out)
    • Input volume precision 10 turn trimpots for easy level adjustment (switchable in/out)
    • Stereo level meter with true over detection
    • 110/220VAC with built in power supply or 7-12V battery operation for portable applications
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