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Prism Sound Dream DA-2

The Prism Sound Dream DA-2 is a 24-bit 96kHz D/A & Sample Rate Converter

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    The Prism Sound Dream DA-2 is a 24-bit 96kHz D/A & Sample Rate Converter, providing the most accurate rendition of an audio event whether it be early music, classical, jazz, big band, a club mix or hard rock. The DA-2 conversion system provides an audio stream of such exceptional quality that will be relied upon for years to come as the definitive source for productions on CD, DVD, Super Audio CD or other formats as they become available.

    The Prism Sound DA-2, 96kHz, 24-bit D/A converter provides ultimate-quality monitoring of digital audio signals. Its exceptional linearity and rock-steady clock generation and recovery ensure the highest conversion precision available for recording and mastering applications.

    The DA-2 combines truly state-of-the-art audio performance with the advanced features needed by the professional to provide the most revealing, most transparent and most flexible digital to analogue conversion unit available.

    Of particular importance is the ability of the DA-2 to avoid the unpleasant effects of jitter: The exceptionally stable PLL has high jitter-attenuation, and the DA-2's digital outputs can provide a de-jittered digital feed-through for reliable digital transfers. The DA-2 also has a unique 'master clock' mode in which the effects of incoming clock jitter are eliminated completely.

    The DA-2 will interface easily with other digital audio equipment; it features both high-speed and two-wire interfacing options at input and output for 88.2kHz and 96kHz rates.

    The DA-2 analogue output offers simplicity and high performance with its fully-floating, electronically balanced format with precision attenuators offering an operating range that covers both professional and consumer voltage levels.

    Compatible with all wordlengths from 16 to 24 bits
    The DA-2 is fully compatible with recordings made at any wordlength up to 24-bits, with or without noise shaping. No adjustment is needed for sources driving only 16 bits on the interface.

    Monitor the new high-rate (e.g. 96kHz) digital interface formats
    The DA-2 provides support for both two-wire and double-speed AES variants now in use for higher-rate recording projects (typically 96kHz 24-bit).

    Use the DA-2 as the basis of a studio monitoring system
    The 7-way input selector and feed-through output (for example: driving a digital PPM) of the DA-2 can be used as the heart of your digital audio monitoring system.

    Easy transfer between tape and disk
    The DA-2 can act as a format converter and jitter attenuator using its array of input formats and its digital outputs. For example, it can convert between AES3 and SDIF-2 or from TOSLINK optical to AES3. It can also convert from double speed AES (typically 96kHz) to the two-wire interface format.

    Use the DA-2 as your studio clock reference
    The DA-2 can operate in Master Clock mode where the D/A converter timing is generated internally from a precision reference, by-passing the synchronizing PLL system altogether. If your external equipment supports it, you can use the DA-2 in this mode for the ultimate in D/A conversion quality.


    Full Scale Input signal level
    +5dBu to +28dBu in steps of 1dB and 0.05dB

    Output impedance
    Differential: 47 Ohm
    Single-ended: 24 Ohm

    Common mode voltage range

    Dynamic range
    >111dB unweighted RMS

    High-level THD+N
    < -104dB unweighted RMS

    Intermodulation distortion
    < -90dB

    Spurious aharmonics
    < -125dBFS

    < -100dB 20Hz to 20kHz

    Level dependent linearity
    <<3dB at -144dBFS

    Sample Rates
    32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz ±0.15%

    Non-standard ranges:
    30-50kHz, 60-100kHz


    Attenuation slope

    Corner frequency
    approx. 80Hz

    Attenuation above 500Hz
    greater than 60dB

    less than 18 picoseconds RMS


    AES/EBU 110 Ohm
    supports higher-rate sampling (HRS: e.g. 96kHz) at double speed

    DI2 & 3
    AES/EBU 110 Ohm
    These inputs support HRS at double speed and in two-wire format

    TOSLINK Optical
    S/PDIF high and low rates

    S/PDIF high and low rates

    DI6 & 7
    BNC L & BNC R - AES3-id
    75 Ohm
    Both support HRS double speed or two-wire and SDIF-2 at high and low rates.


    DO1 & 2
    AES/EBU 110 Ohm
    Both support HRS (e.g. 96kHz) double speed or two-wire

    BNC L and BNC R
    SDIF-2 high and low rates

    TOSLINK Optical
    S/PDIF high and low rates

    S/PDIF high and low rates



    1 rack unit (44mm)

    19-inch rack (438mm)

    10.25 inches (260mm)

    8.8lb (4kg)


    External selector for: 90-110V, 110-30V, 190-220V, 220-260V

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