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RealTraps have streamlined their lineup of Room Kits to better match the wide range of needs and bud

  1. Ethan Winer
    New Milford, CT, USA - February 17, 2015 - RealTraps have streamlined their lineup of Room Kits to better match the wide range of needs and budgets in the audio world. "As our product line has evolved over the years, it became clear that our offerings have grown to cover ideal treatment strategies in all budgets," said James Lindenschmidt, RealTraps' General Manager. "Our customers range from students in recording school to world-class mixing and mastering engineers, from beginning audiophiles in their bedrooms to dedicated listening rooms with six figures worth of equipment, and everywhere in between. So we decided to update our room kits to reflect this versatile line, emphasizing that we have the best room kits available ... at any price."


    Each kit has been carefully formulated to maximize effectiveness, as well as shipping economy, in each price range. Even if one of the kits isn't right for your room or your budget, they serve as outstanding starting points for your strategy, which you can modify as needed to fit a complex room. James is happy to consult closely with you on this as part of your RealTraps purchasing experience.

    The Room Kits Range in price from $1,199.99 (plus shipping) for the Starter Kit, all the way up to $12-15,000 in a typical Modular Kits installation, such as what Brian Lucey's Magic Garden Mastering has deployed in both his Columbus and Los Angeles rooms. From a beginning audiophile to a grammy-winning mastering facility and everywhere in between, RealTraps Room Kits are the backbone of our mission: making the world sound better, one room at a time.


    For more information about RealTraps Room Kits and how to integrate them into your studio or listening room, see the Room Kits page with a new video showing each kit in detail. For one on one assistance, contact James Lindenschmidt via email or toll-free:

    866-RealTraps (866-732-5872, local 860-210-1870)

    James Lindenschmidt
    General Manager, RealTraps

Recent Reviews

  1. audiokid
    Real Traps work. My control room has excellent acoustic specs after I installed 13 realtraps. They not only work, they are built beautiful. Thanks Ethan.
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