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Recording & Mixing - Nanaimo, BC Canada

Recording, producing & mixing musicians, bands, choirs for Prince George

  1. audiokid
    Recording and Mixing Studio
    Nanaimo, BC Canada


    Analog & Digital Processing


    A little blurb.

    Astonishing sound quality that results from 38 years in pro audio.

    I use an array of beautifully selected analog and digital technology which blooms around matched tubes and 120VRails.
    An SPL Neos console and the Dangerous Master shares an analog matrix that makes this happen. The flexibility and unmatched headroom available from these two consoles is ridiculously awesome and sweet to the ears. :love:

    I use SSL XPatch routers that seamlessly switch hardware in any direction of a project.
    My silver cabling and group of converters are excellent. A big power conditioner keeps everything tight.

    This hybrid system is unbelievably quiet and world class /lush sounding. From pristine mastering clarity to vintage Pultec vibe or grit, this gets it done.

    I understand digital and analog production so I built a system that can pass signal through hardware without effecting other channels of a flow. Meaning, some tracks need more meat, mojo, where others will remain pure for the obvious. In the end we are left with a mix glued the way you expect and dream about.
    If I don't make you smile, we aren't billing out. You have nothing to loose.

    Does your mix sound boxy? Maybe not full and open enough?
    I have a few Bricasti's M7's and the Eventide Blackhole for that golden space around your tracks. In 38 years of audio, nothing rivals the sound of these processors through an analog matrix like this. If your space is effecting the sound, I can take the cardboard out of a mix and blend a mixture of space that will surely make you go, wow, I like it! :)

    Contact me via RECORDING ORG 24/7.

    Nanaimo, BC Canada


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Recent Reviews

  1. eternalsound
    Great resource! Highly recommended for studio and mix productions!
  2. ClarkJaman
    I can count the people I trust to mix my music on my right hand, and when I had recorded a very sonically complex song and realized that I wouldn’t have time to mix it before it’s release, Chris was the first person I turned to. After getting to know him as a person here on RO and seeing his expertise displayed in his posts and hearing it in his mixes, I knew that he was the right man for the job. Chris didn’t disappoint. His mix came out sounding fuller than I could have ever hoped for with my ITB rig, but without any loss of clarity and sharpness. Each decision he made with my song was beautifully tasteful, and even when he used techniques or sounds that I wouldn’t have used myself, after a few listens it grew on me and I couldn’t go back to how I envisioned it in my mind. Chris is always open to criticism, never utters a harsh or negative word, and will try anything to please his client. He doesn’t do this for the money, either; he only wants to create the best music possible. He’s a highly gifted mixer who utilizes his expert musicianship to push the envelope on every project. Highly recommended.
    1. audiokid
      Author's Response
      Hey thanks for the kind words, Clark!

      Mixing this track was so refreshing and personally rewarding. A great song and a pleasure working with such a talented artist as yourself was the added bonus for me! All the best.
  3. TheJackAttack
    I have had Chris provide mixing of classical tracks with excellent results. He has an excellent ear and great intuition for what I wanted based upon our conversations. In addition, when I wanted specific picking of nits regarding minor things, Chris was very responsive and a champ with which to work. I would send any of my classical tracks to him without any concerns whatsoever. John Dutton: Professional location classical recording engineer.
    1. audiokid
      Author's Response
      Hi John,

      It was an honor having the opportunity to work on that beautiful tracking and performance. I just love that song. You are indeed a seasoned pro and a real joy to work with. What a great combination in a person. I wish we lived closer to each other!
      To add, we're all lucky to have you hanging with us here. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge with us here.
      Having the opportunity to mix something for you was a delight, a highlight of my career.

      Thanks for the kinds words!
  4. JohnTodd
    I recently worked with Chris on a new CD project. I recorded the tracks in my studio and uploaded them to his studio for mixing. Even with my mediocre recording equipment, he was able to take my raw tracks and turn them into something special. The product he returned was full hi-fidelity, clean, bright, with silky mids and tight, well-articulated full bass. It was also competitively loud without losing the dynamics and transients.

    The improvement in sound quality was amazing. Stereo imaging was so realistic that the mix literally sounded like a band was playing in my room. The singer's voice appeared to float in the air; the guitars had bite without shrillness, and the bass and drums locked together in a super-solid rhythm section.

    The reasons for Chris' success is threefold:
    1. Ears and talent.
    2. Top quality gear and acoustic environments.
    3. Being totally pro and easy to work with.

    I will be returning to Chris and BigMix in the future for my next project. I give him the highest recommendations.

    1. audiokid
      Author's Response
      John, what an awesome review, thanks man!
      You are a talent that is going places. Your writing, recording, mixing and producing skills are going places. you have an exceptional ear. Freedom is such a cool song, its still buzzing in my head. Best of luck with it . Love your work!
  5. DonnyThompson
    I have worked with Chris on several of my projects - some have been single track processing and others being full mixing or 2-mix treatment as a pre-master. Beyond his incredible list of gear, he's very talented. He is "musical" in his approach to treatment. He respects the dynamic range, which to me is paramount. He's also very fast, turnaround time is incredible. I would recommend his services to anyone who is seeking that rich and silky analog sound.

    Donny Thompson
    Audio Images Recording
    Akron, OH
    1. audiokid
      Author's Response
      Thanks Donny, you are indeed a pro all the way. I just love your music and engineering. Every song you've passed my way has been a total pleasure. Kind words like that means a lot to me!
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