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  1. Admin
    Thank you for your interest in the Press Releases.

    Your options are as follows:
    If you are part of our Product Resource: example: running a banner with us, bypass the upgrade process and submit your next Press Release:

    If this is your first time submitting a press release, click this link below and choose daily or yearly, then return back here.

    $25 one press daily
    $250 unlimited yearly

    All content and/or edits are pre approved before live and must be related to audio and the recording industry. Abusing this Resource will revolt your subscription with no refund.

    Submitting Press
    NOTE: there seems to be a bug with the “Preview” ( Error comes up).
    The simple way around that is to disregard the Preview Button until your have submitted your Press, then go back and Edit Resource. The Preview will work now!

    (We’re working on fixing this annoying bug)
    Don’t worry, all submissions or edits are pre approved before they go “live”. You can always edit your Press 24.7 providing your account is active.

    Admin approves all press.

    Once you go through it the first time, its really quite simple.
    Hope my instructions are helpful.