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I see the point. You are right, it is stealing from where you guys stand, I can pretty much download anything I want through Kazaa. However, I only wanted to introduce the view that perhaps it was a matter of the industry adapting to a new technology. Very similar to the backlash you get from users when you first introduce them to a new system during the first few months of its implementation. At first they reject it, but with time they adapt to it and even find ways to use it the designer never even considered when designing it. It is common in software development to see this type of rejection because it is at first perceived as threatening. It is also common to see innovation in the system´s use on the part of the user after the system has been implemented.

Also, if I could buy my own individualized songs so I can burn them on a CD at a reasonable price that is legal, and that will lower the cost I buy a CD for, then please let me know where to find such a service. I think someone mentioned Amazon, I was unaware of this but I´ll check it out. Most of the time, I only want one or two songs off of a CD rather than buy the entire album. However, what Kazaa does is no different than if I buy a few CDs, burn it on an empty CD or dub it on tape, and pass it along to some friends for free. The tools to do this are sold everywhere to anyone, blank tapes, CD burners, stereos, empty CDs, etc. There are companies making money off of this as well. All I´m saying is the implementation of a few controls on file sharing could make an additional revenue for the recording industry if its approached with consideration, but saying you will sue 100,000 people to make an example of them for what one could argue is stealing or not seems antagonistic to the consumer (like myself). If you are going to approach it that way, then sue the developers of the software, the radio guy who plays my song on request, or the manufacturers of blank tapes, or stereo manufacturers that sell products that allow recording from one device to another (which all do). There has to be a business model that accommodates to these circumstances in a way that both parties would benefit. An affordable alternative to Kazaa is all that is being asked for since it is already possible. If I had time and money to implement such a model I would. But in El Salvador we are terribly underpaid, and so I take my piece of the pie however I can. But, out of respect to the various views and replies posted, I´ll remove the software from my system. And to that fool who called me an ignorant in his response and told me to stay at “wherever the hell you´re from”. You get the gas face. Where I´m from they´ll comb you with bullets for such insolence, so get your grip on your emotions grasshopper. Peace.

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