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RODE Classic II vs Neumann U87ai

I just finished a comparison using my voice, which is a gravelly baritone. I've read much inconsistent reviews on the RODE Classic II so I had to find out for myself . I stacked it against a new Neumann U87ai which I love BTW.

I used three of my Favourite Preamps
Great River MP 2NV, Millennia M-2b , Presonus ADL 600.

The RODE Classic II is lush and wonderful. It is a killer mic for VO to rich Rap/Soul ,Blues/Rock vocals to name a few. Wow, I love this thing. For $2000.00 is a great deal. All three amps produced excellent results. The GR and Millennia being exceptional.


bigtree Fri, 09/30/2011 - 23:03

hehe. You aren't missing much if I say no way :) But,maybe I'll post the Testing, 1,2,3 > ABC. but its best to just take my word for it. It could effect the nation if I post me singing lol.