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I use Cubase SX 2.0 with a Roland M-VS1 sound module. It has 255 presets(bank1=128,bank 2=127) I can’t seem to get Cubase to perform a Bank Change to get to the other presets(129-255). If I manually set the bank change in the SX Inspector I can change all presets. But during Playback SX will not change presets???

For example: If my First 4 bars of a song use preset #5, then bars 5-8 use Preset #210 SX will NOT perform the change during Playback??? By the time the marker reaches bar 5 it just continues playing preset #5, it wont’ change to preset #210…What am I doing wrong???

My manual states the second bank(presets 129-255)have a MSB of 81 an LSB of O.The manual also states: "A Bank Select message is a combination of Controller Number 0 and Controller Number 32, but this unit always treats the value of COntroller Number 32 as 0."

I'm not very MIDI Savy, So i'll keep trying.

Nate Tschetter Sun, 10/05/2003 - 21:56


I don't really know of a sequencer that deals with bank select messages in a manner that is elegant natively and exportable so I usually just put the "hard data" in the sequence.

So, in your example, you should set it up like this

bar 1, beat 1, tick 1: controller 0, value 0
bar 1, beat 1, tick 2: controller 32, value 0
bar 1, beat 1, tick 3: program 5


bar 4, beat 4, tick 477 (assuming 480 ppqn): controller 0, value 81
bar 4, beat 4, tick 478: controller 32, value 0
bar 4, beat 4, tick 479: program 81 (which is, patch 210 - 128...the highest number of patches in bank 1)

It should work...I wish you better luck than I'm having with my Airport Extreme.