Setting Up A DAW, using MOTU, MAC

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Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 10/19/2003 - 17:51

As one might guess, by the title- i am looking to setup my own DAW/project studio. Primarily for recording rock, so i will probably need the ability to multitrack (drums, or multiple mics on guit. cabs). I was "trained" on MOTU's Digital Performer, so i will most likely go with a MAC and the MOTU software.

My questions are:

1. What is the best way to monitor as I track (w/out any latency)? How would i set this up? (dedicated soundboard?) Specifics would be great.
(i'm a signal chain dyslesic/moron)

2. A MAC question: As far as plugins go, is an OS 9 system the way to go, still, for Digital performer? What exactly is the advantage to OsX?

Forgive me if these questions have already been addressed in pervious times, i began looking through many earlier posts, but i just kept getting side tracked by the abundant wealth of knoweldge and interesting topics around...before i knew it 3 hours passed and my eyes are crossed.

Thank you for any input.