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The B16 is an inexpensive, easy to build and easy to use VCA compressor compatible with our CH01/PS03 chassis and power supply. On-board regulators and high voltage supply rails along with a switchable input pad allow the module to cope with input signals as high as +30dBu. Transparent audio quality, program dependent attack and release, and wide gain range make the B16 an extremely useful tool for both tracking and mixing, and the cost is low enough to make it affordable for every channel of your rig. Features include:

  • Very low noise and distortion - beats a dbx 160A by almost 10dB
  • Mix control combines direct and compressed signals without a dedicated fx return or mixer channel
  • Relay switched 6 dB pad and hard bypass
  • Switch selectable hard or soft knee
  • Makeup gain provides as much as +/-24dB of adjustment
  • Threshold continuously adjustable from -40dBu to +20dBu
  • Capable of 60dB of compression
  • Program dependent attack and release
  • Fully balanced input and output with choice of 3 optional output transformers
class="xf-ul"> Kits available now from $159, assembled modules from $299

For more details see: [[url=http://[/URL]=""]DIY Mic Preamp Kits - Seventh Circle Audio[/]=""]DIY Mic Preamp Kits - Seventh Circle Audio[/]

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