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It's looking pretty good. There's a few smart features that I'm looking forward to. Smart grid actually. Apparently this grid anticipates how you need it to work. Check it out:

[=""]The Cakewalk Blog » Blog Archive » SONAR X2 Feature Peek: Smart Grid[/]="…"]The Cakewalk Blog » Blog Archive » SONAR X2 Feature Peek: Smart Grid[/]

Here's the added feature list:

[[url=http://="…"]The Cakewalk Blog » Blog Archive » SONAR X2 Sneak Peek: Upgrade Pricing[/]="…"]The Cakewalk Blog » Blog Archive » SONAR X2 Sneak Peek: Upgrade Pricing[/]


bigtree Wed, 08/22/2012 - 19:34

right on Hueseph, hope it only gets better. Lets add the info here too.

New features in SONAR X2 Producer include:

  • New enhancements and improvements
  • Improved low latency audio engine
  • Take lanes
  • Automation lanes and modes
  • Advanced Arpeggiator
  • Improved Smart Tool
  • Smart Grid
  • Improved Clips View
  • Improved Matrix View
  • BREVERB SONAR (VST and ProChannel versions)
  • Overloud TH2 Producer Amp Simulator
  • Modular ProChannel
  • ProChannel Console Emulator
  • ProChannel FX Chains
  • Prochannel Softube Saturation Knob
  • ProChannel QuadCurve EQ
  • Improved LP-64 mastering plugins
  • SoundCloud integration
  • MusicXML export
  • Windows® 8 support (patch coming later this year)
  • And much more
class="xf-ul"> Visit the official SONAR X2 Preview page for more information

bigtree Wed, 08/22/2012 - 20:29

To add, I keep thinking about the V Studio 700. I'd love to have a nice compact controller set-up like that working with this. I hope Sonar continues to improve.

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hueseph Thu, 08/23/2012 - 20:07

It's looking very good. They are including some nice plugins as well. Breverb is a nice addition. For an entirely in the box experience I think they have it pretty good. And their upgrade price is very nice. It makes you want to buy the upgrade instead of hesitating.

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hueseph Sat, 09/22/2012 - 21:52

Took the plunge. It's just an incredibly affordable upgrade. Some might argue that it's more of a fix but there are some very nice enhancements. The addition of take lanes, automation lanes. You can either think of this as a return to what we were accustomed to or a new feature. Admittedly it's not a particular breakthrough but good to see incorporated in this version of Sonar.

The addition of console emulation is kind of a shot down at DAWs like Record which is built around the SSL model. Console emulation in Sonar X2 has three options S(SL), N(eve) and A(PI). Of course there is no way to accurately model a console like that into a mere plugin(or Por Channel module as it is with X2). What they claim it does is emulate the frequency dependent saturation, transformer circuit and summing bus (including crosstalk). I haven't tried it yet but I'm game.

The smart tool and smart grid look handy. Haven't had the chance to try those yet either. Looks like I will have to do some reading for the next few days.

What I noticed though after opening an older session is that Sonar Automatically detected the transients. In the envelope drop down menu in the edit menu, you can select transients and boom all of the transients are displayed and fully manipulable. Pretty darn cool, even though I have yet to use such a feature. It should come in handy when I feel too lazy to just do it again.

Also included are Breverb Sonar and Overloud TH2 Producer.

Looking very cool. Check out the added features here:

[[url=http://[/URL]="…"]Cakewalk - Documentation & Help - SONAR X2[/]="…"]Cakewalk - Documentation & Help - SONAR X2[/]