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Hi :D ,
My soundcard is Motu 828 MK2 and I need some mic preamps. Would you rather choose SP828 or m-audio Octan with adat? I thing that the only advantige of Octan is that I can have more inputs on my audio interface. What about sound quality? I used crappy Behringer MX series mixer preamps till today, is it big difference?
Or do you know about anything better in this price category? I prefer better audio to higher number of inputs, but 8 is minimum.

Many thanx



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AudioGaff Sat, 06/26/2004 - 00:18

Welcome to RO!

Don't know about the SP828, but I have heard the Octane recently and would say it is a step up from the MX mixers. What I like most about the Octane is that the converters were of decent sound quality and there was 8-line inputs that bypass the mic pre's to get access to the converters and ADAT optical.

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maintiger Sat, 06/26/2004 - 16:13

there you go, and you can go straight into your 828 mkii via light pipe- then if you get 8 more ch of preamp later you can have 18 ch with your 2 828mkii built in preamps.

LuK3_C Sun, 06/27/2004 - 02:56

Thanx for your replays :) ........but couldn't be the SP828 two steps up from my MX and one step up from the Octane.


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