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Behringer X1222USB Mix-Minus Inputs/Outputs

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2 years

Hope this is the right place.

So for five years I have had a successful mix minus set up like this:

Phone call comes into mixer on L/R channels on mixer (Channels 7/8), I have the cable going back to the phone line from the SEND output so the caller can hear me, with the correct control knob turned down so they don't hear themselves - is that the best way to do it?

Behringer X1222usb help

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8 months 1 week
I recently purchased the Behringer X1222usb mixer and need some help. I run a podcast and cannot get audio from online videos to record to my daw. I can hear the audio coming through the mixer, and my mic signal is recorded fine. Is it possible with this mixer to record audio from both microphone and online video with this mixer?

Behringer Xenyx x1222usb - Computer audio volume control on the mixer?

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4 years 9 months
I record a podcast and I recently got the behringer xenyx x1222usb to record myself and some friends. I plug the board into my PC, using Adobe Audition.

Sometimes, I'd like to play some audio from the computer I'm using to record back into the board. (Example: A Youtube video playing from the computer that's recording live, as me and my cohosts do commentary over it) When I try to do this, there doesn't seem any volume control on the mixer. Is there any way to control the volume from the board? Or are my laptop's onboard audio controls the only way?

Behringer X1222USB vs Mackie Pro FX12 Mixers

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9 years 4 months
After having to use process of elimination to see if my mixer was the issue with a problem I was having, I now have 2 mixers for my podcast and I need to get rid of one. Was wondering if anyone has experience with both and might have a suggestion? I've used both briefly. The only thing I've noticed is that I need to turn the phones volume up a little more to hear the mics loudly. They both seem good though. Just though I'd see if anyone knows if one of the brands is better, or if someone has actually used both of these and found one better than the other.

Behringer X1222USB mixer USB output makes no changes

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9 years 4 months
Hi, I have a new Behringer Xenyx X1222USB mixer hooked up to my computer with Windows 7 and Audacity hooked up directly with the USB cable. I have been doing some tests. In my earphones my voice and every adjustment can be heard nice and clear. When I make a recording, I change the highs and lows and can hear them live in my headphones. I've messed with some of the effects as well and they sound great live while I'm recording in the headset.