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adat issues and recording


The term ADAT has come to stand for both the original digital tape machines and also for the lightpipe data transmission system. The ADAT lightpipe has become an audio industry standard for digital data transmission between units other than the original ADAT tape machines.

Affordable ADAT to Headphones unit ?

Hi gang !
I'm aiming in all directions with my current headphone amps for the artists.
I do have a Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA4700 but it's design makes it receive only one stereo signal and/or 4 analog. I currently use my old (preamp defective) Focusrite Liquid saffire 56 via ADAT for 2 more headphone amps and I keep my RME FF800 headphone out for me..

I wish I could use those ADAT port to power 2 or 4 headphone amp without breaking the bank.
Any suggestions ?

ADAT XT Questions

Hi all, I have been searching the web for information on 8 track recording with an Alesis Adat. Specifically It seems to me that years back we were recording two tracks at a time and were able to hear playback and then at the same time record on a different set of tracks, basically sound on sound sort of scenario. I have thus far stood over this machine and tried to route playback thru to speakers and I have tried to engage record mode while listening to these tracks. It doesn't seem possible. Does anyone have any experience with doing this sort of thing?

Adding IO via Adat

I currently own the RME UFX interface, but time has come to make use of the ADAT connections and expand the inputs and outputs. Googling around there are not so many options to choose from. Most common may be the Behringer ADA8200 and the Focusrite octopre mic preamp. To suit my needs better i am considering the Octopre MKII dynamic.

But I'm just curious if there are some other options out there that i have missed?
What about using another firewire/usb audiointerfaces which got ADAT ins and outs?

Positioning an ADAT in a Rack

It's been ages since I've used my ADATs (blackfaces and XT20s). When I did, I had racks within which I mounted them, and the angle of incline was minimal. Now, I work almost exclusively 'in-the-box' soon will acquire a desk with rack modules. The desk's rack module configuration places the ADATs at a radical incline, should I choose to rack-mount them in the desk.

Recording parallel with ADAT HD24 and RME UFX

Hi friends,

there is a problem:

I own an ADAT HD24 and an RME UFX.

Now I would like to record more than 24 or 30 tracks simultaneously.

After recording I use Pro Tools for mixing all tracks

How I synchronize these two devices in such a way, that I haven't timing problems in the postproduction or mixing.

Is the synchronizing via ADAT enough or must I use the Midi Time Code?


Alesis ADAT XT tick sound on playback

There's this occasional https://soundcloud…"]tick sound[/]="https://soundcloud…"]tick sound[/] that occurs on playback perhaps every 15 seconds to 1 minute. I tried swapping cables. Tried playing into a different system. This sound is coming from the ADAT XT.
My question is do you think this is a case of dirty heads? Is this one of the symptoms of dirty heads?

ADAT questions

I've never used ADAT so I am clueless. Reason I'm asking is I have two RME ADI-8 QS that are stellar, I love them but I'm not using them now because I replaced these for the Orion 32, which I'm not completely thrilled about in comparison to the sound quality of the QS' but hey, the Orion 32 has 32 ADDA channels and its good enough for jazz.
I would have to spend $6000 more to get another 16 ADDA of QS' and that isn't going to happen.