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AKG 451b

Buying a good "all round" studio mic

I'm looking to kit it out my music studio with a good "all-round" mic. .ok. I know there is no such thing as an "all round mic" that will do everything, however to put this into some context we used to have a couple of SM81's which seem to have gone missing which were used for all sorts. Particularly I guess I want to use this for stuff like:
  • Vocal overdubs (singing and speech)
  • General instrumental mic up - Bongo/Djembe, Acoustic Guitar, Brass
  • Choir

opinions on mic for vocals

hey folks, I am starting a mobile recording company and need to get a bunch of good (not great) mics quickly. So, the first purchases are for close mic'ed choral groups. Close meaning about 6-8 feet. I'll need three of the same type mics for these first applications. Eventually, I will need a variety of mics for symphonic all the way to contemporary project sessions.

I am looking at Rode NT2-A and the AKG C3000B.

What you guys and girls think about these?


Recording Bloopers

Just to have some fun, vent a little, and perhaps add some spice to the forum, I thought we could all share some horror stories while they're still fresh.

As the season winds down, you may have a couple of good ones to share as well.

Most of my gigs go quite well, with a lot of repeat clients who know their stuff, but horror stories can still happen. :twisted:

Overhead Mic Choices

Hey guys, I'm not at the point where I can be picky about which mics im using just yet, but im trying to get the bases covered. I want some decent stuff. I have a d112, and a sm57, im looking to buy the sytek 4 channel mic pre and two decent overhead mics. Kind of get some decent rock drum sounds going.

I see the AKG 451b mentioned here a lot, as well as the at4033. Can anyone tell me some sonic attributes to either of these and why maybe some of you prefer one to the other. I also rented some at-4051 pencils once i didnt mind those.

Drum mic set

Right i'm looking to invest in a decent set of drum mics as part of a project studio, which is being steadily built upon with the intention of eventually renting it out. Now i'll have to admit i'm not very hot on drum mics, i usually use SM57's on snares and toms, and whatever designated bass drum mic and condensor overheads happen to be available. What would you suggest would make a good set consisting of:
1@snare drum mic
1@bass drum mic
3@designated tom mics
1@condensor for the hi-hat

RODE NTK/ K2 or AKG C 414 B-ULS/C 4000B?

Hi, people! Help!
I need an advice for my decision: RODE NTK/ K2 or AKG C 414 B-ULS/C 4000B?
My aim is to record acoustic instruments:
1 Nylon and steel guitars, tar, saz, sitar, dulcimer, kanun, celtic harp
2 Cello, violin, fiddles, hurdy-gurdy
3 Different fluts, bagpipe, mizmar and other reed instruments
4. Dawul, darboukka, djembe,dholak, tambourin, bells, shakers and other low- and hi percussion.


I was just browsing through some posts elsewhere on the net and I was surprised by how many people hate this mic. I know the TLM-103 has its critics, but I suppose it's a matter of taste, and of course it has earned a lot of admirers too. I'm just wondering how many people here have opinions on the 127.

John Stafford