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Bm6a cms65

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Hello guys

i'm thinking of buying one of these two monitors and i am wondering whether i will need a sub. my room is 3,50m x 2,80m and i'm producing trance.
i would like to buy an 8" monitor though. again i don't know if my room will be ok for it.

can you also commend on this image. i'm thinking that if i buy an 6" monitor i will loose bass, but again my room is 3,50m x 2,80m. so i'm trying to decide whats best :)

Dynaudio BM6A MK II vs Dynaudio BM6A

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21 years
Has anyone done a serious A/B on the differences between the two?

The mosfet amps sounds better?
Has the low mid hump been identified in the BM6A and was it taken out in the MKII's or is this all bogus?

Who has what and who has done comparisons.

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Replacing BM6A : H+K Oxxx or ADAM Sx ?

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21 years
The treble amp of one of my BM6A is damaged, producing a very annoying harsh sound. Support has not help me, arguing that they do not hear any saturation (shame on them !).

So I need new monitors ; but this is also an opportunity to get better gear than BM6A :P

Currently I own a sub (DA BM9S).

1) Should I keep the sub and try near small fields monitors like K+H O100 or ADAM S1 ?

2)Or should I sell it and get things like K+H O300 or ADAM S3 ?

Ok here we go again KRK V8 series 2 V.S. Dynaudio BM6A

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I am looking forward for purchasing a couple of really GOOD studio monitors and after a while of market researching and budget estimating (around 1200 Eu) i began to wonder:

KRK V8 series 2 V.S. Dynaudio BM6A ?!?

PS: The space i'm talking about is in the 20-22 cubic meters interval.

Your opinion would be a great help.



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That's pretty much the question guys....I have heard the Dynaudio BM6 A's and they are lovely as expected but I have the option of purchasing a Quad 909 stereo amp (140 > 8 ohms, 250 > 4 ohms) and a pair of BM6 passives for the same price (all new) ...but cannot audition the DYN/QUAD combo and would have to purchase on spec/opinions alone.

Dynaudio Bm6A: Voltage selector switch?

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21 years

I have to buy the Bm6A online as nobody carries them in the DC area.
But before placing my order online I need to be sure that the Bm6a do have a voltage swith connector to switch from US voltage to European voltage.

If you have bought them in the US recently could you confirm me, by writing or with a picture of the rear that they do feature a Voltage selector switch?


Dynaudio BM5a vs. BM6a vs. Event ASP6 ????

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21 years
I need new monitors for mixing, and I'm doing a lot of research and reading reviews. At first I thought of getting the Event ASP6, because I own some 20/20p right now, and I tend to be conservative in my choice of equipment. Then I heard about Dynaudio...

Everyone says Dynaudio translates incredibly well. The 20/20s didn't translate well, and I thought that's because I suck at mixing, but apparently it's a common problem.

My mind is set on the Dynaudio BM5a, because the BM6a cost too much. Will I be missing out if I choose the BM5a over the BM6a?