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Missing Vocal File in Logic - Filter from Bounce, or Tweak Bounce?

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8 years 10 months
Hey everyone,

So I recently was working on a project in Logic Pro X, and it decided to lose track of my verse lead vocal. I do however have a bounce of the full song that is pretty darn close to being mixed. Now should I try to go in and do some filtering and whatnot in an attempt to retrieve that lead vocal, and throw it back into the Logic project, or should I try to make some master edits for the rest of the mixing to the whole file? Would it be harmful to throw a small amount of reverb over the entire thing?


Why does the track sound different after bounce

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8 years 11 months
I was gonna ask you guys if the drums on this track sound as if they sit in a
believable space . I tracked the cymbals first then the snare/tom on its own track.
I bounced the track and noticed the bass just took off ,way more than when it was in the session.
Why is this so ,and do you have the same issue after bouncing , if you do bounce ?


Song recorded in Pro Tools and bounced sounds different in car

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10 years 9 months
Iv'e recorded a song in Pro Tools and for some reason after the bounce and convert to mp3 it sounds louder on the left side of the car than the right. Why is this and how can I fix it to make it sound better/perfect in a car?


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21 years
The process of moving a recorded signal from one track to another. An "internal bounce" is one that moves the signal to a different track, or tracks, on the same tape machine. An external bounce" is one that transfers the signal to a new track, or tracks, on a second machine.

bounce to disk problem

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21 years
Hi all,
Im trying to bounce to disk , using dig 002 rack ,PTLE to my
macbook pro , but after going through the process I get this

"could not complete bounce to disk because
Assertion in "/Volumes/Development/vbpc/Altura ports/New FileLibs/

Can anyone out there shed some light and point me in the right
direction please ,without suggesting changing the hardware/software
Ive done lots of bounce to disk before but

Ground Bounce

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21 years
When playing back tracks from my laptop on other peoples amps if I use my AC cord for power on my laptop I get alot of ground bounce. If I run it from the battery problem solved... For an hour or so.
Short of running an extension cord from a neighbours how can I kill this noise?
Any help would be appreciated.