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Budget recording studio topics

Questions about low budget violin recording

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Hi all,
My sister-in-law is going to be doing some "pandemic" recording for grad school auditions and I was hoping to help her capture something nicer than what she was going to try with her phone or webcam or whatever. It's mostly solo classical violin pieces and a couple with piano. And if I'm being honest I'm also looking for an excuse to get myself some gear, since I've been interested in recording for a long time. I've done some research, mostly on forums like this one, and I was hoping to get a little advice on my planned setup.

Speakers or DAC what to upgrade next (1k budget)

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I'm thinking of what my next move should be as far as putting my new basic rig together, besides the seemingly endless computer parts. right now I'm rocking an Avid eleven, and Focusrite scarlett solo interfaces, and Alesis monitor one speakers, with an avantone on the shortlist, and a Bose home theater, and various Bluetooth and computer speakers. this rig is a transitoinal rig, to use while the house is getting remodeled, and while i archive my old media. its a cross between general listening, problem checking, and getting demo materials together for eventual finished songs.

Blue Yeti Advice on a Budget?

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Hi everyone! I'm very new to recording and currently have a blue yeti microphone. I record grand piano and female vocals, and I know I should probably update to an actual interface and XLR mic with two large (or small, depending on the desired result) diaphragm mics for the piano, but that would mean changing my entire setup and shelling out a lot of cash. I currently need a boom arm and shock mount for the yeti, but I'm not sure if I should spend the money since it might only be a temporary fix.

Complete Home Studio $10k budget

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I’m new to this forum. Long time member at
GS and looking for a fresh source of info

I have been hired to put together a home studio package, and I’m curious as to what you guys here may may suggest.

Budget: $10k

There are a ton of ways I could do this, and I know my gear choices. But could anyone offer an opinion on what percentage I should allocate for
Each area?

This will be an initial starting point and he can expand as he grows If necessary

Room treatment

Newbie Alert! Have a computer, a sizable budget, and...

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Hi all! This is an incredible website, and I feel lucky to have found it. I've been lurking around on and off for a few months, reading dozens of threads, and trying to learn what I can. I've read more "Here's my situation and what mic setup should I use?" questions than anything else, because that's my question too. But I need help, and so it's time for me to post.

Here is the recording project:
- 12 singers (all pro, all with university degrees, most have recorded on albums before)

Indie Rock with vintage vibe (recorded and being mixed on a budget, at home)

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I'm recording, producing and recording by myself, and on a budget, by just studying tutorials and asking for help on forums, so I'm really needing feedback in order to procceed. Can you guys listen to my mix? (Actually this is something I'm doing in order to sound pleasant and then record vocals, but it is also something that is starting to sound interest and helping me define which sounds I want for my EP)

Would you guys help me by listening to it and giving you 2 cents about it?

Attention: it is a working in progress, clearly.

Budget monitors for the meantime

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hey fellas,

Just wanted to get your thoughts on some budget monitors for my inteterI'm period of about a year. I'm planning on building a multi purpose room in my parents basement with a 350 sqft dedicated room for music making, editing, mixing, and design work. I'm going to outfit it w comercial standard gear, which will be moved to a full size post production room in my own house in about 3 years.

Budget Interfaces just a question about a Lexicon i-onix u82s

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I have a chance to scoop one of these up cheap ... ... I understand it's a discontinued product, it does have available drivers for windows 7 /64 bit ( I have a desktop that will support it). I'm not finding much in reviews, The odd posting about failures and the odd posting about the dbx preamps having a limited range on the gain controls ...

I though I'd pick it up to play with, I have a ton of other gear it's more for the novelty and if it runs okay, I'll stick it in my daughters studio "B".

Anybody tried one of these out ?


Kmetal's new mid/budget level computer.

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hey all! I'm very excited about this so I figured I'd share! I created another thread a while back specing out some top level stuff, don't worry it's still coming... As life would have it what I thought was $800 in car repairs, was actually a totaled '03 Honda Civic instead. I'm obviously not a mechanic lol. So long story short my 15k setup is going towards a car. Not in vein the process of specing the rig was good, and I've found the price points I want to hit, and the gear will only get better with time, so I'm shooting for 2017 to jump off the high end cliff.