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Time to buy a NAS ?

Hi gang.
One of the things we often neglect is to backup our files and projects.
With the holidays specials, I found many NAS to be on rebate.
My favorites are the QNAP !
I found one on (Canadian site) at half the price.

If you were wandering where to invest in your studio, that's my suggestion !
Have nice holidays and good virtual family reunion (if like us you are not allowed for physical ones)

Icon Qcon Pro X - new Firmware = must buy new overlays ?

I didn't know what to think about it at first..
I mean, I paid 1k for a controler and 6 month later (under warranty) I should pay to keep up with new firmwares..

Of course they say it's shipping cost .. and I tend to believe it since getting something from china in 2 weeks is pretty fast.

Here's a video about that :

Don't ever buy wireless headphones for music composing

Don't ever buy wireless headphones for music composing.
I wanted to cut the cord and get some headphones that didn't hurt my ears after 15 minutes or so. Also thought it would be nice to jam on some bass to songs without the corded headphones. So I bought these PowerBeats3 wireless headphones. Bad mistake! One word: Latency!

24 Tracks Control Behringer-Buy or Sell? How can I simplify my workflow.

What a challenge.
Im simple, I like old school play rewind fast forward record
push the button and go
Ive had tape machines, Adats, HD 24, and now using the Behringer X Touch with 2 Extenders to have 24 tracks of control.
Its a studio in my home, mostly for my projects.
I find I havent been using the X touch at all, other than play and record.

Looking to buy a new computer for recording

Hi There,

My (admittedly fairly minimalist) recording setup was recently written off in a fire. I am awaiting a payout from the insurance company, and this gives me an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start again from scratch.

The hub of all of this will of course be the computer. I have been umming and erring over this for a long time and feel I need some guidance.

Would you buy a bass online?

I am really hesitant to buy a $350 bass online for fear of the intonation or something like that being unacceptable. The model that I want to buy is currently not available in stores otherwise I would test it out in a store. Am I being too judgmental? From my experience these lower priced instruments go through relaxed quality control.

I once bought a $300 Fender acoustic guitar (w/ case) and the intonation was HORRIBLE!

Where to buy eco friendly acoustic materials in Canada for cheap.

Hello, I'm looking to purchase some high density eco friendly acoustic materials for building panels such as cotton or polyester materials. I don't want to use rockwool or fibreglass because of the air quality and safety hazards these materials contribute to. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I'd like to order within the country or ideally purchase from a local supplier. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you!

KRK Rokit, one speaker broke, repair, buy new pair or a single?

Hi Folks,

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Have had a pair of KRK rp5 (gen 2) for some years and been very happy with them
One recently failed (bass speaker not working). I am trying to decide whether to send for repair (out of warranty) which will cost £30 carriage there and back, £20 initial fee discounted from repair cost when done or the following options

1) buy a single speaker of same model and generation (maybe £115)

2) buy a pair of the next generation (£230 or so)

DIY Mic - where do I buy parts ?


Hi gang,

Some of you know I did try a kit of
I ran to a few problem with the kit. It didn't work and after a great help doing a dozen test I ordered another circuit without the transformer.
I build the new circuit and got the same results.. so I'm in need of another transformer.
It's a small 6.5 : 1 output transformer.

I found this one on eBay but they don't sell to Canadian...…



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