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can I plug a mixer into a mixer

Background noise?

Hi, I'm kind of new to this. I am recording audio and getting a constant sort of noise. I've included a sample where the noise has been recorded by itself.

I'm currently running a setup where the audio comes from a wireless Shure microphone receiver, to a live mixing console. A Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI mixing console. The console is used for live sound mixing.

Can I plug a mixer into a mixer?

Hey folks,
Quick question...Is it possible to plug a mixer into another mixer? I teach a guitar class and want to send a number of guitars to be played through the PA system. However, the people who run the sound don't have enough space to accommodate for each player getting an individual connection into their sound board. Is it possible for me to get an 8 or 12 channel mixer and plug into their own so they don't need to worry about space?



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