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dav bd1


This Microphone Amplifier is ideal for location or studio recording. Because of it's compact size it is easily transportable for location recording and is very discrete in the studio or control room


Matching AD/DA converter for DAV BG1U


I have a DAV BG1U and Neumann TLM102 which I'm getting along with greatly and relying on my Echo Layla 3G for the AD/DA. I believe my setup will be improved by an outboard ADC but I'm having a little trouble finding something suitable to match.

My original though was an RME ADI2 but I do have a little more in budget that I could play with. I considered the Benchmark ADC but I think it may be a little OT for my needs (inc price) and the Larvy AD10 interested me, but again probably OT and I kinda feel the emulation modes are a waste of money.

DAV BG1 or Hamptone ?

Hey guys!

Been a lurker for awhile...I've been looking for a good stereo pre for $600 or so. After doing some reading it seems like the two best bets are the BG 1 or the Hamptone kit. I can get either for about $600, and they both seem to be extremely good quality for the cash. The only major issues would be the hassle of building the Hamptone, but otherwise they're pretty evenly matched from what I can tell.

DAV BG1 and SOS reviews

Hi Everyone,
I'm curious about the DAV BG1 pre. I've heard some great things about it, and it's not ludicrously expensive. I read elsewhere that it's absolutely glorious with a Shure KSM-44 on vocals. I hope I got the mic name right; anyhow it's the multi-pattern retro looking one.

Sound On Sound gave it a glowing review, but they tend to give great reviews to everything, so I'm not really sure what to think. Have they ever said anything was a piece of crap?



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