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  1. I need some help with my Zoom R16 and Amplitude 3 in my Cubase LE6

    I have my R16 plugged into my computer as an audio interface, and I wanna run my guitar through channel one (hi z) and put it through amplitude for distortion. I have my headphones plugged into my R16 in phones out. I hear the guitar I just cant put it through amplitude, nothing changes in the...
  2. Cubase LE6 Questions

    When I do audio Mixdown what are Left and Right Locators, what are they for and how do I set them? How do I change the tempo on the track, I see where it is but am I just missing something on how to change it?
  3. GarageBand to other DAW

    I'm going to use my audio interface to record my friend when I travel. He uses garage band and I use cubase and I heard garage band doesn't export tracks. Is this true and how would I be able to use it when I comeback from florida onto cubase?
  4. Help with using EWQLSO with Cubase AI

    Hello, I just bought East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra. I have installed it and the sounds are great, however, I'd like to access it from my Cubase AI software so I can record with it and I can't seem to do that. When I installed it the sample library went into a file named EastWest in...
  5. Cubase 5 - How to distinguish between a plugin and e.g. an FX

    Cubase 5 - How to distinguish between a plugin and e.g. an EDITOR I know there are plugins, but where do you see the pool of them in Cubase as is in FL Studio, and more importantly, and if I'm making any sense at all, How do you distinguish a Plugin (e.g. Wavelab?) from say an Editor...
  6. CUBASE 5 - Where do I begin?

    I really really love recording on Cubase of which I have version 5. I've never tried making beats with it (I use FL studio) but I just started out with recording vocals. I am kind of a baby here, but we all once were, right? OK, I want to just go patient with everything. I want to master...
  7. Cubase 5 -- Best plugin/tweak for CROWD effect?

    In recording vocals, I'm looking to make a crowd effect such as the 'whoa' in Black Rob's song 'Whoa'. What plugins/tweaks/steps can I play with to realise this? Something like like short file I uploaded for this purpose ... Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. unintuitive USB Logic

    Gentlemen: I have a brand new Behringer X1222USB. I am trying to use it to mix down into Sony Vegas. Anyway, It has two pair (L&R) of RCA jacks that are labeled: 2-Track/USB (one set is IN and the other set is OUT). I would think the USB IN's would show up eventually on the Main Mix OUT XLR's...
  9. audiokid

    Cakewalk Sonar X2a Touchscreen Demo

    Here's a demo of the new touchscreen interface of Sonar X2a by Cakewalk and the new plugin CA-2A at the NAMM Show 2013.
  10. MOTU 4Pre & Cubase Artist 6, Having Trouble Getting Started

    Hi, brand new to the forum and fairly new to home recording. Previously I was an avid user of Garage Band when I had a Mac, but when my old Powerbook Ti finally became fully obsolete I didn't have the money for another Mac. I ended up with a Lenovo (Idea Pad, I think) laptop and so I'm now using...
  11. Sends in Reaper

    Hey everybody, This is my first post after being a bit of a lurker, so it's nice to finally post haha. Anyways, before I got an interface I was using a mic run through a little Behringer mixer, and I plugged a set of headphones into that for monitoring, everything hardware based. I just picked...
  12. hueseph

    Sonar X2a Touch Capability

    Innovating. Judge for yourself.
  13. space designer in logic

    i've been using space designer for a few years, and really like it. how does everyone else feel about it? is there a reason to shell out the big bucks for something like altiverb? maybe i just like it because i've never really gotten to use anything better
  14. need help syncing yamaha electronic drums with samplitude / abbey road kontakt 5 drum

    i have yamaha dtx express IV digital drums, and am trying to sync with samplitude and abbey road 70's drums -vst (konkakt 5) so i can see that midi information is getting in to samplitude, but nothing is coming through the drums. the abbey road drums work perfect with ableton/yahama dtx as far...
  15. Syncing NanoKontrol2 Korg with Samplitude pro x

    i've watched videos and can't seem to get it to work probably midi information is being sent, i just want to sync it with the mixer so i can control volume, mute and solo, play, record, etc.. on the fly any suggestions?
  16. Cubase, win 7, Lexicon Alpha and Yikes! Only Sounds From the little laptop speakers

    Hello and its good to be here! The system runs well, and all so if I go direct through the laptop mic out, all is good, but I try and get sound though the Alpha via the headphone out to my main speakers, nothing, just plays though the little laptop speakers. All OTHER system sounds etc play...
  17. Setting up analog style studio using Logic, analog mixer/external mic pre....

    Hi guys, Been trying to upgrade my home recording setup to suit my knack for a more colored, analog sound. I'm just another guy after that "analog warmth" (surprise, surprise). Anyways, I'm currently recording everything direct into my Apogee Duet with Logic, and relying on amp simulators and...
  18. MIDI Help - E.Drums, firebox and Logic.

    Hello, I am needing help connecting my Roland TD-3 drum kit to my laptop via MIDI - through my Presonus Firebox. Will break everything down here: I have set the Roland kit to "local control off" & "Reset to Factory Settings". MIDI out of the kit and MIDI into the Firebox. In the Environment...
  19. ClarkJaman

    Cubase- Vari Audio Key Commands

    Hey guys, I am just hitting a loonng stretch of vocal tuning with Vari Audio. There must be a way to toggle between the "Pitch and Warp" tool and the the "Segments" tool without clicking on them with your mouse, but I can't find a way to assign a key command. Any ideas? Pax Caritas et lol, -Clark
  20. audiokid

    Sonar, VS 700C, hardware integration questions

    Has anyone used Sonar with the VS 700C in a hybrid application (full integration between hardware and software)? Is this DAW exclusive to ITB or does it have a nice workflow otb too? If I got the VS 700C, do I need to use their interface/ ADDA for it or can I use my interface and converters?