di box

  1. R

    Recording problem with bass and DI box

    hi, how's this for a cheap live-off-the-floor recording technique/ i'm trying to record my band by plugging everyone into our mixing board and capturing the output on my usb interface into my laptop. I also have an output to a 4 channel headphone amp/splitter ..so the Foh/monitor speakers...
  2. G

    What is your favorite/preferred DI box

    and why? Discuss.
  3. R

    radial direct boxes

    who uses them? do you like it? why or why not? have you used many other di boxes? how do the ProD1 and ProD2 compare to other boxes? thanks in advance,
  4. C

    di box between amp and mixer ?

    sorry if this is a novice question but i have gotten a new amp recently a new marhall mg halfstack. I need to run it through to my tascam portastudio 2488neo. there is no mixer output on the new amp. i was wondering is it even recomendable to run out from the spare cabinet extension on my head...
  5. G

    DI Boxes

    Looking at DI's. Why do the prices vary so much? Is it better preamps/wiring or cleaner bypass? Or do the higher price ones clean up the sound and make it sound better for DI. I have taken direct injection of my guitar without one and I can get it to sound good, but it takes a lot of Plugs...
  6. T

    I'm saturating the input of my UTC transformer direct box

    Hi, Being the electronics novice that I am, I actually put together a really great sounding direct box for my recording basses (passive and active) using a UTC transformer 30hz-20k response, +8db, 50k secondary, 150/250/600 primary. I prefer the UTC's 150ohm output into my LA610 mic input. My...
  7. D

    using a DI box with amplifier

    well, I have a 120W tube guitar amp head with no speaker cab yet. I also possess a decent Rolls DI box with attenuation adjuster. is there a way I can run a signal from the amp through the DI without damaging the amplifier?
  8. V

    Recording Bass Tracks

    I've been looking around to find a good DI, mainly to record my bass tracks. In the past, I would always just mic my bass amp, but I found that it's fairly difficult to get a good sound. Someone suggested that I get myself a DI, i'm looking for something not too expensive, but I also know...
  9. S

    little labs "redeye" di/reamp box

    Hi All, was wondering if anyone has used the little labs redeye di/reamp box? Currently using the pod xt pro as a di (so I can monitor a proper sound during recording) but need a good reamp box so I can go out of my daw to a real amp, etc. Any other suggestions welcome! cheers, Sammyg
  10. Codemonkey

    Confirmation - Balance, Grounding, DI Box

    tl;dr: DI fixes ground loop? I've had the Church on my back (one guy anyway) about the loop for deaf people. Now while I'll not go into the politics and just say I'd prefer people to use their hearing aids to amplify the ambient sound, not tune into a dodgy loop... ANYWAY I digress. Mixer...
  11. M

    direct boxes when recording guitar

    Here's a quote from the Kapt: "You'll rarely get good results plugging a guitar straight into an interface. Depending on how it's set, you could be loading down the guitar signal. A direct box, a preamp, or a POD (or similar) may help get a better signal." I'm planning on recording some...
  12. S

    DI box???

    What is a good quality, yet affordable DI box?
  13. S

    How To Use This Direct Box?

    i just picked up a Pro Co DB-1 Direct Box at a discount price at a local store, but it did not come with the directions (hence the price drop). but i only paid $30 for it. anyway, could someone fill me in on the features/options so that i can use this correctly? thanks in advance
  14. S

    Good quality yet affordable DI box???

    I'm looking for an affordable yet versitile DI box system. I'd want to pay about $40 per, maybe more. It all depends on quality.
  15. M

    DI box to record a bass

    I am looking for a DI box to record a bass in my home "studio" (if you can call it that). Am I going to need to drop a wad to get a useable sound? Or can I get away with a 50$ box? Thanks, Jay
  16. M

    What Splitter / DI box you want?

    Hello good sound folks! I am an electronics constructor which would like to understand real needs and to hear wishes from You. You are people who work with recording equipment everyday. Recently I started constructing passive audio splitters. I have opportunity to buy best sounding...
  17. M

    Adapter or DI Box???

    I just got a new POD X3. It has a XLR input as well as 1/4. I'd like to plug an additional guitar into that input. Is it possible to use something like this? (Dead Link Removed) Thanks for your help :D
  18. Sidhu

    DI Box

    Hello! I was looking for a qualityt DI to record a variety of inputs.. E.Bass, E.Guitars (direct) , piezo pickups, acoustic guitars, keyboards etc... I thought a good DI could take all inputs equally well, but the Radial website states otherwise... I was looking at the countryman DI...
  19. Tuck

    Direct Boxes on synth

    Hello again so ive got a big job coming up where the main parts are going to be done on 3 different analog Korgs synths. my client is also going to be using an analog drum machine and a light sensitive therum. my question is, should i be using direct boxes on all of these? thanks Tuck
  20. M

    DI boxes and/or preamps, increase recording clarity?

    im very much a rookie when it comes to home recording, but would the use of a preamp and/or DI box in between the instrument and device its being recorded directly into increase the overall results of the recording? or would it only make a real difference if it was recording via a mic then into...