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    Direct Injection Boxes

    Any Favourites as far as budget boxes go , I have a couple of active and passive yorkville boxes that seem to very clean, also a Behringer one, which seems clean enough. I have been seeing a lot of instrument specific boxes lately, for example, an accoustic DI, with built in exciter and eq...
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    Wondering if anyone has any tips on mic pre's and direct boxes. specifically, if i can use a good mic pre (tube perhaps) to function as a direct box as well, and vice versa. recording analog to tape. Thanks!
  3. M

    DI Box

    I'm new to the game, and have a question about low end bass recording. My set up now, I have the bass amp mic'ed and running to my Yamaha AW1600 workstation. The hi end bass sounds great, the low end sounds muddy and basically drones on and on when i mix it down. EQ'ing has helped some. The...
  4. J

    Recording Bass - Is a DI Box necessary?

    ok, I've been recording my own music for quite some time, but I never really mastered recording the Bass Guitar. I don't use an amp, but I don't use a DI Box. I plug it into a preamp, then to my soundcard. Is a DI Box necessary? If so how do I use it...Can I still use a preamp for tone...
  5. B

    What is the cheapest passive Direct Box worth buying?

    it's for studio use, for bass DI and also reamping some stuff thanks
  6. B

    What is the cheapest passive Direct Box worth buying?

    any suggestion? thanks
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    DI Box

    hi there, What DI Box is cheap and pretty for Recording purpose ?? Is Behringer really Bad for recording?? RAY
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    DI boxes

    Hi, I'm interested in buying a D.I. box (mostly for bass), I was wondering if any of you guys had some suggestions. I looking at a price range of about $200 or less, but I would consider something a little more expensive. I appreciate the feedback. Take care. Seth
  9. Y

    DI box between old guitar Valve head and cab???

    hey guys... ive just had a thought... ive been looking at a new DI box recently... just a cheap one to tide me over for a while and have read that most can cope with speaker levels signals... does this mean that i can put this between the head and the cab of any of my old valve heads...
  10. A

    Experiences with ADL 300g direct box?

    Anyone used it and can describe their experiences with it? THANKS very much.
  11. A

    Demeter STDB-1 or ADL 300g Direct Box?

    Demeter STDB-1 or ADL 300g Direct Box? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any preferences on stereo Direct Boxes for keyboards, bass, guitar. (under $1000) THANKS for any help on this.
  12. N

    DI Box

    Hey, just looking for some suggestions for a cheap DI box to buy. Basically I'm looking for something that has an xlr in and out and a quarter inch in and out. Besides that I just want one that is cheap yet does the job. All I'll really be using it for is taking the signal out of the line...
  13. C

    Direct boxes/ preamps/ audio interfaces?

    I have very recently bought a Lynx Lynxone soundcard, I got a good price on it which was too good to pass up. However my scant knowledge of the DAW means that now I'm without a breakout box I'm unsure as to the best means of inputting audio and midi to the card. I play guitar and bass and will...
  14. F

    Mic Pre into Direct box?

    i'm thinking about economical ways to alter/upgrade/expand the pallete of my gear set-up. i have a Manley mic pre and was thinking of several options. the one that i'm unsure of is this: can i run my Manley Mic Pre into a TAB/Funkenwerks Direct box? one reason is to get that "sound" if...
  15. R

    4-Ch. DI Box Suggestion?

    What's a good and reasonably priced (new or used) 4-ch. instument direct-box? I would be hooking it up to a transformer-balanced mic preamps on a console on a regular basis.
  16. J

    Direct Boxes ??

    Which DI`s are considered the best for bass and guitar?
  17. anonymous

    Dedicated DI box vs. Mic Pre/DI

    Here's a subject I don't recall being discussed lately. It seems many mic pres these days have high-z DI jacks built in. In my case I've got 'em on my API 3124+, Vintech 1272, TubeTech MP-1a, and Demeter H-series. I also happen to have dedicated DI boxes in the form of an Avalon U5, anda couple...