1. audiokid

    The Karen Carpenter drum workshop

  2. DonnyThompson

    Slate Platinum Drums Review ( Early Impressions)

    I picked up Slate's Platinum 4.0 Drums Collection late last week; I've only had a few days to work with it, so these are early impressions. So far, I am pleased with the program all the way around. Further and more intensive use may bring certain weak points to the surface, I can't say as of...
  3. rainroad

    Can't fit drums into a mix

    Hello everyone. Got an instrumental song and can't work out how to get drums sound 'inside the mix'. I'm guessing the reason is wrong reverb settings for the drum track. Also maybe the idea of how the drums go does not fit into the concept of the song. Hoping for your help.
  4. DonnyThompson

    70's, early 80's - pre recorded drum tracks

    A blast from the past! For those of us who are old enough to remember - circa late 70's, early 80's - pre recorded drum tracks on vinyl. The drummer, David Crigger, recorded a bunch of drum tracks at Sound City in L.A.; he played several different styles on each album ( I think there were 4...
  5. pcrecord

    Best way to quantise multitrack acoustic drums recordings

    Hi Guys, I'm kind of stuck with the new Audiosnap 2.0 of Sonar X3 It is suppose to allow to group the audio tracks transients so that the quantising stay phase coherent but I can't figure out the steps to achive that. What's your better tool for quantising multitracks. (without manually move...
  6. Smashh

    fitting drums into a mix

    Hey guys , been working on a mix for one of our songs and am having a bit of trouble fitting the drum track into the mix . My wife's brother played the drums( except the kick ) and dropboxed it to me . Then after me realizing I gave him a dodgey guide track ,I cut the drum track and looped a...
  7. JCurtisDrums

    building a practice space for drums

    Hello all, My goal is to build a practice space for my drum kit in the garden. I produce and record YouTube videos, for which I shall be using the room, but it will primarily be a rehearsal space for myself, so sound isolation is the primary goal, with room acoustics being a nice addition, but...
  8. Mic placement on a Cocktail set kick drum?

    I have a cocktail drum kit, with a tall, 15" barrel drum that stands upright and serves both as the kick and the floor tom. It has small air holes, but no mic port. The kit sounds great, and I can get a solid one-mic recording from it without problems. But I need to do some multi-mic setups, and...
  9. Randy Carrillo

    Drum Mic opinions

    Hello, I am looking for recommendations/opinions on drum mics. I currently have two AT2020s for overheads and an SM57 for the snare. I will be buying two MD421s for my toms. (I use a 4 piece drum kit.) I am leaning towards the E602 for the kick, but want to know if there are any other...
  10. JokerDrumTracks

    NEW Multi Drum Tracks from Joker Drum Tracks

    Hello everybody, I am very happy to introduce Joker Drum Tracks to you. Joker Drum Tracks are multi drum tracks, live played with human groove, recorded and pre-edited in a studio. We are a team of drummer and producer that creates songs with song parts like intro, verse, chorus, c-part and...
  11. pcrecord

    Another mic placement article I found for drums (with samples

    [="http://recordinghacks.com/2010/04/03/drum-overhead-microphone-technique-comparison/"]http://recordinghacks.com/2010/04/03/drum-overhead-microphone-technique-comparison/[/] It fun to have an audio reference to what a technic can sound like before you start testing it. ;)
  12. CrazyLuke

    Another for the Upcoming 8 Song CD called "Jet Surfer" Bass & Drums OK?

    Here's a fun one, a hard rock "Beach Boyish" tune called "Jet Surfer." I had a couple of friends help me out with the harmonies the chorus. The lead vox was taken from a previous version that was overly effected, and will be re-tracked. Just want to know how the Drums, Bass, and Guitars are...
  13. Pro Custom Drums - The Devil Wears Prada Kansas Cover

    Hey some new drums have come out and I've decided to check out how well they can work in a mix. The signal chain was really simple: EQ, Compressor, Limiter - gentle settings on everything. The kick/snare is a bit louder so you can hear it better, since they are the main focus of this review...
  14. Josh Conley

    kick mic on snare

    im thinking to myself how much i hate the snare sound on most recordings. too bright, too snappy, sounds like a tin can.. etc. so pensados fb page asked about snare mics and one or two people like using kick/bass mics. im gonna try it regardless but im wondering: what are your thoughts? ever...
  15. kmetal

    Drum Riser Construction

    Hey all, One of the studios I work at has recently taken on about one foot of water, as a result of a recent hurricane. It's constructed on the ground floor of and old New England style mill. I don't have a way to measure how thick the concrete floor is, but it is thick. It's located about a...
  16. Inexpensive way to trigger EZ Drummer

    I was looking at a couple of Tabletop type electronic drums to just trigger my EZ Drummer program, has anyone done this and know how easy these electronic drums are to install?
  17. Kyle McCormick

    Recording Drums

    I have an PreSonus Audiobox usb meaning i only have two inputs. I have access to a Alen an Heath 48 channel analog mixer, would the best way to record a multi mic drum track be to run the mics through the mixer and run the mixer outputs into the interface?
  18. DonnyThompson

    Donny's Snare Samples, Free :)

    I recently recorded some replacement snare drum tracks for a client to use as an alternative to a bad sounding VSTi snare sample that he was using on a song. I figured I would make them available here for free to anyone who feels like they might be able to use them. These aren't loops. These...
  19. JoaoSpin

    Electronic drums

    Hey Guys and Girls from the forum, It's me again! (who?) As always I bask in your mighty wisdom because I'm too damn lazy to look it up myself! Just kidding, I have and I want your delicious wisdom anyways. Here's the thing: I finally got the gear (or sorta) to record drums, miked them up at a...
  20. dvdhawk

    Deconstructing Studio Drum Tracks (Recorded Under Good Conditions)

    As opposed to the thread about [="http://recording.org/index.php?threads/recording-drums-under-less-than-ideal-situations-please-help.55232/"]recording drums under 'less than ideal conditions'[/], I'll share this link I came across a few months ago. You guys in Canada know Kim Mitchell is a...