1. Maintaing dynamic level between recording sessions

    I'm recording guitar with an digitech rp 250 processor and Reaper. When i record the guitar I sometimes need to adjust the gain level of the processor so that Reaper has a max level of about -10. Now let's say I want to add to that same guitar part recording but don't remember the gain level I...
  2. JoaoSpin

    What do you do to get tight rockin' dynamic mixes?

    Hi guys and girls, I was wondering: what is your approach to getting the groove of the track to sound tight? To have that drum sound like a solid block of audio rather than have all those transients flying around. I'm relatively new to paying attention to this, so I'm wondering you guys who've...
  3. CrazyLuke

    Repost of "Comic Book Heroes" - this time with greater Dynamic Range - plz give fb

    Please give your opinions on what can come up or down on this mix. The higher numbered track is the most recent mix. thx
  4. j_doe

    Addressing dynamic microphone

    Hi, Reading the manual to AT BP40 I've noticed it is defined as "front addressing microphone with in-built pop filter", but in pretty much all youtube videos where people are using it, they address it from the side (approx. 45 degree angle). Is it just about "try what works best for you" or...
  5. pcrecord

    Dynamic use of a compressor

    Hi fellows, I was just wondering if anyone use or tried this technique I'm thinking about for several days now. Maybe it's a common thing but my brain just figured that possibility by itself lately ! Many agree that a bit of compression on the master-bus will glue your mix but what if you want...
  6. pcrecord

    Dynamic use of the buffer ?

    Let me explain... I decided to check how the latency was with the fireface 800 I just got. I'm set at 512 and decide to do a round trip through my 2 LA-610. The chain was, line out of the RME, line in of the LAs, AD96 and spdif to the RME. I took a drum sample that I played and recorded the...
  7. gitlvr

    Dynamic mic for an acoustic

    Hi, I have a very small room (8'x8', 6' tall) . I have tried acoustic treatment, but frankly, with this room I think I'd probably have to make it completely dead. That would require even more treatment than I've already tried. I got rid of that because, frankly, 2 4" rockwool panels on each wall...
  8. audiokid

    compression & dynamics, 1970 vs now

    Wow, I just put on JJ Cale "Naturally" , man, does that bring me home. But beyond the memories (God rest JJ Cale), I can't believe how dynamic the sound is compared to music today. Blow my mind. Man, are we all over compressing everything today. I know the sound I get today is so much better...
  9. JohnTodd

    Mastering a song with musical dynamics: ppp to FFF

    By dynamics, I mean the type that musicians play, from soft to loud. So how do I get that rock punch when the track has soft verses and loud choruses? On the chorus it's all good, I just set my compressors, etc., and the meters kick. But on the verses, it's all below the threshold. Can't...
  10. DJ Premier Exclusive - Channel Dynamic Launch

    [="http://channeldynamic.com/"]Home | Channel Dynamic[/] this is a new site dedicated to informing and advising people interested in how the music industry operates (producers, singers, entertainment lawyer etc...) So, let's kick off the festivities with our 7 Part Interview w/DJ Premier where...
  11. Broken Beyer Dynamic M201

    Hi all! I have a Beyer Dynamic M201 but some wires have become unsoldered. I can't seem to find any photos of the microphone in pieces so thought I'd ask on a forum Do you know where I would solder the wires onto?
  12. pcrecord

    Searching for a selective EQ based on content (inverted Dynamic EQ or some similar)

    Hi everyone, My first question to this remarkable Forum ;) This might have been discussed many times but since new tools are created everyday, I bet it isn't a bad Idea to ask I need to fix an over limited vocal track. The content is really good except some occasionnal words that lost...
  13. Dynamic mics and 3630 compressor

    I've got a 3630 compressor that works great with my AKG C1000 condenser mic but when I use dynamic mics (e.g. CAD D10) I get nothing but hum. The dynamic mics in question all work fine when not run through the compressor. Is there some issue or something I'm neglecting with using dynamic mics?
  14. Preamp monitor audio router from Funk - dynamic 132 dB!!!

    For all they are looking for something special: [="http://funk-mtx-v3-monitor.blogspot.de/"]MTX Monitor V3b[/] Producer has only German web site: http://www.funk-tonstudiotechnik.de but there are many other excellent products. They archive dynamic 138 dB with electronically switched...
  15. Beyer Dynamic CK703

    I own a pair of Beyer Dynamic CK703 SDC mics. Anybody know their value or anything about them?
  16. Beyer Dynamic M69

    On drums, where would you use a Beyer Dynamic M69?
  17. Which dynamic Retro "Elvis Mic" to get?

    I am planning of buying a retro mic which I mainly intend to use for aesthetic reasons to post for Youtube with jazz swing style songs from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s using backing tracks. Of course decent audio quality of the mic is a minimum. I have my eyes set on these two Shure Retro mics...
  18. Audio-Technica ATH-M50 vs. Beyerdynamic DT 770-PRO

    Both have rave reviews. Which do you guys prefer? I'm stuck between the two.
  19. audiokid

    George Massenburg Demonstrates the GML 8900 Dynamic Range Controller

    What a great tutorial on his GML 8900.
  20. audiokid

    Solid State Logic Classic SuperAnalogue Dual Dynamics Bundle

    ATTACH1329.vBATTACH The BSolid State Logic Classic SuperAnalogue Dual Dynamics BundleB is the combination of two (2x) BSuperAnalogue Dynamics ModulesB in a Mynx chassis. A perfect front end mixing solution that delivers high end results in a compact format