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  1. pcrecord

    Focusrite ISA vs Warm Audio WA273-EQ?

    Hi gang, My GAS makes me suffer these days and I contemplate the idea to sell one of my 2 UA LA-610 and replace it with something else. I'm tempted by the WA273-EQ but I'm wondering if it will be better than the ISAs or not. I have 8 ISA preamps and they are my favorites.. I could buy a...
  2. pcrecord

    Preamps : do we need them ? Cheap vs High-end

    In this video, I compared all my preamps with 2 different mics (Shure SM57 and T47 DIY kit) What many want to know is if an external preamp even the cheapest is better than those included in an interface. And how will they compare to highend preamps. So here it is, let me...
  3. pcrecord

    Attenuators with transformer preamps, a good idea ??

    Hi gang, You know I own a few Focusrite ISA preamps. I'm considering buying a few attenuators to allow me to drive the transformer a bit harder and try to pull out a bit more mojo. I currently record tracks with a peak range between -18db to -10db (on the preamp and on the DAW). So my...
  4. pcrecord

    How to make a fake SM57 sound good (video)

    Hi guys and girls, I just finished my video about a fake sm57 from I was very surprised of what I discovered while doing it. Who never thought what if when seeing an add for a sm57 under 30$ ?? Let me know what you thing, about the results, the video and production. Thanks !
  5. pcrecord

    LDC Mic Shootout - ISA, T47, T12, C1 Mod, KSM32, KSM44

    Hi guys, Here is a new mic shoutout that includes 3 products from I had many questions about the mods and the DIY Kits. Hope you can hear the subtle differences. I'm still getting used to audio and video productions so your comments are needed and welcome. Btw, I'm not...