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Genelec Studio Monitors & Subwoofers


Genelec Studio Monitors & Subwoofers is a manufacturer of active loudspeaker systems based in Lisalmi, Finland. It designs and produces products especially for professional studio recording, mixing and mastering applications, broadcast, and movie production. The company was co-founded by the late Ilpo Martikainen and Topi Partanen in 1978.

which is better, Genelec m040 or 8030B?

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7 years 7 months
hello people, i am again in a confusion, for the studio monitors, i havn't listened to any of them, so i needed the true review on the above monitors, my only option is between these two, please tell me if any one heared both.
thanx in advance, i need to purchase in couple of days.

Genelec 1031A

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7 years 5 months

I found these speakers in an old studio that is not being used anymore. I got to borrow them and man, i was in heaven listening to music from them. Not sure though if they where the 1031A's or the 1032A's.

Anyways, do anyone of you have any guesses of what these costs nowadays, because they stopped making these. And these particular monitors are definitely from the mid 90's or early 2000.

Genelec 1038A 3 Way Studio Monitor Speakers

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7 years 5 months
I have acquired 5 each Genelec 1038A 3 way monitors in excellent condition. I also managed to pick up a Genelec 1094A Subwoofer in the package. These were replaced in 2004 by the 1038B... not a huge amount of difference between the models. These retailed for close to $9K each...

Genelec monitors, is this a good deal

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21 years 2 months
Hey everyone, I'm new here and had a quick question about some monitors I am able to buy and am wondering if it's a good deal. They were all previously used in a professional studio and I'd rate them a 9.0 - 9.5 out of 10. The list is as follows.
5x Genelec 8020A monitors
2x Genelec 8030A monitors
1x 7050B Subwoofer

I'm able to pick them up for $1,500 for the package

Thanks in advance for any input.

Steve B.