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guitar cabinet micing

Tips on guitar cabinet micing

I like the R121, 57 combo and want to perfect this for myself so I thought this thread would be timely since we are talking about phase issues and ribbon mics here as well. https://recording.o…

There are plugins like time adjuster. You can flip the polarity and sweep the length of the delay until it thins out the most, then flip polarity back. Anyone use this?

Micing guitar cabinets - Kustom 16W vs. Mesa Boogie Triple Rect

Ironically, I have recorded friends bands and my own band that have half stacks with huge live sounds, using top of the line hughes and kettner, Mesa Boogie, and Peavy amps and cabs. Most of this is rock, hardcore, metal. etc. They sound HUGE live, talk about a show in a coffee shop.

The thing with these half stacks, is they are loud. They are meant for loud situations where the sound can expand. They sound better when the tubes are opened up, and the volume and gain is cranked quite enough. No, I don't think we turned up the Mesa pasted the 2 on the master volume. EVER!

Stereo Micing guitar cabinet


I have a stereo guitar cabinet with a 2 X 12 speakers driven by a stereo tube amp. I am thinking of stereo Micing using a pair of SM57 - one on each speaker.

Will I still experience phase cancellation because of using two mics, even though I am pointing each mic at each of the speakers. I use a Focusrite mic preamp and it has a phase inverter (or something like that) which reverses the phase.

Please let me know your thougths,



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