1. D

    Please Help me fix this ASAP

    Hey.. I created an account to talk to the pros, you guys, I need help ASAP.. it's been about a year since it started doing this and I dunno what to do anymore... I am so frustrated I dont even know what to call this sound and it seems I am the only one getting this issue I've tried fixing...
  2. D

    MXL 770 really bad hum

    Hello! I have a problem with my MXL 770 mic Yesterday that was all ok. But now i hear so many background/static noise from the MXL 770. I attached file with that hum. What can i say more.. It is not problem with mixer or cable.. i was connect mxl 990 with the same cable, mixer, and input...
  3. S

    Serious Humming/Feedback

    I recently purchased a brand new Numark Mixdeck Express midi controller. I connected it the other night at a gig to my QSC K12 speakers using XLR cables. On the rear of the controller are 3 XLR outputs that say BALANCED. I connected regular XLR cables (microphone cable) and ran it to the left...
  4. N

    Question re. Beyer M81 hum/noise

    Hi, everyone! This is my first here at the forum; I am somewhat new to the world of recording, so please bear with me. I recently purchased a pair of Beyer M81s (M818) to experiment a bit with some old mics. They are supposed to be fantastic dynamics - but I'm having issues with mine. Both of...
  5. DonnyThompson

    The Windsor Hum

    I just found out about this - apparently there is an intermittent audible low end oscillation ( 35-50 hz) that permeates the Windsor, Ontario region. The source has been discovered, it's a steel mill located on Zug Island in Detroit across the river from Windsor. LOL.. I wonder how big of a...
  6. JayTerrance

    My monitors has a hum - resolved ground loop

    I wanted to extend my monitors out to another room for a different perspective. So I ran 2 longer cables to the other room, but after hooking them up 1 of the monitors has a hum in it (the other monitor is just fine). I thought it might be something with the 1 cable so I switched the cables to...
  7. K

    Microphone weird noise / static / hum / helicopter please help :(

    Hi I made a account here because I can't find help anywhere else. I have had microphone problems for about a year. When I touch computer case the noise isnt so bad but still exits, and when I move microphone in some positions the noise changes little bit. Time to time it was so bad that mic...
  8. pcrecord

    Humble ways to think about mastering

    I came accross this video that made me discover this very nice fellow. Serving the customer's needs is not the modo of everyone but this guy has it !!
  9. R

    Apogee duet 2 hum / grounding issue?

    Hi I have an apogee duet 2 , using garageband on macbook. Whenever I run my guitar through xlr or instrument input I have a very loud hum that does not go away unless i put my hand on bare foot on the apogee. Its becoming annoying playing guitar with my foot on the thing any advice on how to...
  10. gitlvr

    Big thump at the beginning of tracks with Reaper?

    Hi, new here. I've been using Cakewalk Home Studio 2004 for a long time, but it is fairly old, so after reading a lot of reviews, downloaded Reaper for trial. I like it a lot, think it sounds great, easy to use, etc. But I notice when playing back the tracks, there is a distinct "thump" as the...
  11. Smashh

    acoustic guitar hum

    Hey guys , I'm hoping someone can help here with fixing an earthing hum on my steel string acoustic guitar. It has a Fishman infinity pre amp and piezo under saddle pick up installed. Observations : If I touch the metal end jack insert the hum goes away , I put one...
  12. achase4u

    500 series hum? How to track it down.

    Hey all - I have a Lindell 503 power chassis. I have been using a Phoenix DRS1R Preamp in the first slot for about 5 months now, no issues. I recently got an A designs P1 as well. All was fine, then after a couple days, I got allot of electrical hum happening, much above the noise floor of the...
  13. S

    60 cycle humm but only one power connection, I'm stumped

    Hi everyone, I'm not an audio engineer or even sure what one is but I have a problem with a humm. It happens when ever I have some audio device connected to the wall outlet. Let me explain further and see if one of you gurus sees how to fix it or at least track down the problem: I have a Sony...
  14. R

    buzzing coming from ToneLab ST

    I live in an apartment so micing an amp isn't really an option. I got myself a Vox Tonelab ST which I really like and with my new Fender Strat I quite like some of the tones I'm getting out of pairing them together. I've been recording straight in to my Firestudio because again amp micing isn't...
  15. DonnyThompson

    another thumbs up for hybrid

    Another plug for hybrid! Chris has been working on some older 2 mixes for me recently, and the differences are truly amazing. I really do suggest that if you have digital stems or 2 mixes that you feel are "missing" something, that very "something" could be the analog summing that Chris has...
  16. U

    question about odd humming in my audio recording

    Hello, I am new here; just found your site. Doing some home studio recording for a podcast related to my work-- I've been out of Audio production for about 15 years (used to do small market FM radio); i've kept up with tehnology - somewhat. So, I have a small studio set up, I'm using a...
  17. S

    Recording HUMM ?

    i'm recording using Audio-Technica AT2020 mic and using PreSonus TUBEPrev2 amp and out to the Zoom H4N recorder. I seem to be getting a humming noice in the background. Any ideas on what could be causing this humm ? Thanks for any help you can give me ! Scott
  18. S

    Universal Audio LA610 Hum issue

    Im running a Moog Little Phatty Stage 2 into my LA610 and from the 610 into my Yamaha 01V96 and Im getting a buzz. 2 weeks ago I wasn't... The exact signal flow including cables is this: Moog via Mogami TRS to Male XLR cable into the LA610's line input, out of the LA610's line output via Mogami...
  19. J

    Cable hum

    So, I've got some hum in the system, pretty sure it wasn't there yesterday. Where could it have come from? Well... I may have been making some cables today. The thing is as soon as I noticed the hum I started looking back over my work. It was nothing pretty, but everything was in its proper...
  20. S

    Will RCA to XLR fix my hum/buzz

    Hi Guys, Long time reader, first time posting. I currently have an issue with the annoying buzz/hum everyone gets when they are new to the world of recording. I have been doing alot of searching and it looks like if I get RCA to XLR to my KRK 6 G2's it will/should/hopefully fix my buzz noise...