1. Ricky Wayne Hunt

    iZotope Nuetron 3 Elements not hearing audio

    This plugin is supposed to listen to an audio clip (like Melodyne does) and make corrections based on that. But it just stays on the "Waiting for you to play audio..." screen. I apologize if this is the wrong place to post but I didn't see any other forum for, let's say plugins/software. I can't...
  2. pcrecord

    New iZotope Ozone 7 !

    Just saw that today .. seems promessing ! ;)
  3. pcrecord

    Humble ways to think about mastering

    I came accross this video that made me discover this very nice fellow. Serving the customer's needs is not the modo of everyone but this guy has it !!
  4. audiokid

    iZotope Ozone 6 Mastering Software

    Zotope today announced version 6 of their highly regarded Ozone mastering plugin. Used by many as the final stage in their mix process as well as on discrete channels for a variety of creative processing techniques. Avalable now as a standalone application for both Standard and Advanced, its got...
  5. Klepper

    Help with early 1990's reel-Tape Audio Restoration (Reverb) of Vocal Speach with Izotope or AA

    I've cleaned up hundreds of hours of tape recordings, admittedly the easy stuff like humm, clicks, airplanes overhead, etc. So I'm still a totally nube, but I don't even know exactly what it's called when it's like the microphone is too close to their mouth and there is a reverb harshness to...
  6. DonnyThompson

    Izotope Ozone, Waves Abbey Road ADT

    Izotope Ozone This is a collection of tools, including EQ, Gain Reduction, Reverb, Multi-Band Compression, Maximizer, Exciter and Imager. I downloaded a 10 day trial of this prog yesterday; I had heard from a few engineer friends that they thought it was pretty decent, so I thought I'd give it...
  7. Izotope, T Racks,???

    Hi guys, I m looking to get the best sounding mixes I can do in house, recently Ive been getting alot of radio plays with my hip hop groups music that i mix myself,on Sirius and Hot 97, and im in the works of putting out music for sale digitally . Basically I do all my own mixing and mastering...
  8. mdb

    Your thoughts on izotope Stutter Edit

    Any thoughts on izotope's new Stutter Edit? Looks very interesting and could add a cool element to the mix. [="http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/stutteredit/index.asp"]iZotope Stutter Edit: Play effects like an instrument | OVERVIEW[/]
  9. Kudo's to Izotope for listening!

    January 30th Izotope released Ozone 4, which after working with this plug it is excellent in my opinion. However with as great as it is I along with others had a difficult time reading the general options text, another company putting gray over black. So I sent them an email asking them to look...
  10. iZotope Ozone thoughts?

    Hi all, I was interested to know if anyone has the newish version of this, if so what's it like? Is it worth it or is it another one of those open it once and once only type plugs?
  11. Izotope 3.0 Mastering suite plug-in

  12. iZotope Ozone software

    Hey, I'm a Pro Tools/TDM user so this doesn't apply to me, but since Chris has brought this product up in his gear discounts thread I thought we might talk about it here under it's very own heading... So...?