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Joe Meek

Joemeek VC3Q power supply

Does anybody use/know of the JoeMeek VC3Q? I have the op to buy one without the power supply...examination of back panel pics show that the unit is imprinted with "use only power supply provided" and "12v AC".
Does anybody know what the amps rating of the provided power supply is? I am being offered this unit at a great pricew, but will not buy it unless i know what kind of power supply to get...

joe meek twinQ or seperate eq and compressor

ill be buying a firestudio project soon, and i was planning on getting a dual eq and dual compressor for the inserts on ch 1 and 2 on the firestudio. i was thinking of a pre amp aswell just to give some different sounds from the pre amps in the firestudio, so i looked up some joe meek stuff. they have a dual compressor and dual eq all in one, i think it could be a pre amp too. i was wondering would it be work in this set up

mic>firestudio ch 1 or 2>insert send>insert on twinQ>output>insert return on firestudio.

and also as a pre amp.

Joe Meek twin Q users thoughts and alternatives

Hey Guys, I am thinking about buying a Twin Q for General instrumental tracking and overheads but I don't know anyone who has one I can have a play with. If you have heard or used them I would like to hear what you think of them. Also any alternatives in the same price range that you believe may be a better or just different a solution for the job. Looking for a similar feature set and format. I could do without the built in converters though...

Thanks heaps. :)

Studio Projects B1 vs. Joe Meek JM27

I'm about to hit the purchase button for a PreSonus Firebox and since all the dealers are competing with each other, they are all offering free shipping and free stuff.

One is offering a Studio Projects B1 mic (which I have heard good things about on this forum) and the other is offering the Joe Meek JM27, which I have never heard anything about.

Any thoughts on the two? I know neither will be the "be all, end all" of mics for me, but I would like to buy from the dealer which is offering the better mic.

Focusrite Twintrak Pro vs. Joemeek TwinQ

If I was to choose between the Focusrite Twintrak Pro or the Joemeek TwinQ which would be better for my DAW? I am looking for something that adds a lot of warmth, has low noise, and great quality that I will be satisfied for years to come. Also, which has better compression? Can both be routed back through to compress already recorded audio?

Joe Meek SC 2 Compressor?

I want a Distrssor with Brit Mod. Cant afford one, but heard some pleasant things about the SC2 from Joe Meek. I know some of their newer stuff is Chinese junk (or, so Ive heard from many), but some of their higher-end/older models are actually quite usable, and quite good! is this one made in China? not that Chinese stuff is auto-bad..i know some of the SE mics are pretty good, for instance...

just looking for some thoughts...