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john hardy


I'm new to this forum; have been reading posts for some time and found it very educational. I have a question, especially to those who have some experience recording voiceovers.

I'll soon be setting up a home project studio for recording voiceovers, most likely for FM radio audio skits with cartoon-like wacky voices (some of which pitchshifted) on sfx/musical background. I'll be recording from home (will have a well designed vocal room) but will be “coached” by a guy who owns a small commercial studio (he'll help me with mixing, etc).

ViPre, John Hardy M1 or Manley VoxBox?

I know the prices for these range from about $1,500 to $3,600... but I'm not asking to compare the units based on price...

Which is the best all around pre for vocals, acoustic and/or bass guitar?
The Hardy M1 would be with the optional output transformer installed.

I've read up on everything I can find but want to hear from actual experience... please.

I'm asking those of you who have a thought or opinion based on experience with one or all of these.


SCA J99 vs. John Hardy mic pre comparison

Does anyone have an informed opinion regarding comparisons of SCA mic pres vs John Hardy, or Great River? I realize the "bang for the buck" argument on behalf of SCA. But from a head-to-head comparison of sheer sonic quality, can you hear a difference between e.g. the SCA J99 vs the John Hardy manufactured mic pre?
Especially with respect to sonic seperation within the stero field.

My dilemma: Do I want to IMMEDIATELY purchase an SCA Unit with say J99, Neve, API. Or would I rather buy the real deals at a rate of 1 per year for the next few years.

John Hardy Mic Pres: Output transformers or not?

I recently hooked up with a nice fella in this forum and bought a 4 ch. John Hardy M-1 from him. I've since learned that these pres can have an output transformer added as an option. First of all, any thoughts in general about what I should expect once I've gotten them. Second, what's the difference in sound with the output transformers? I'm thinking of adding the transformers on 2 of the channels. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated?