1. Recording analog drum machines to Tascam Portastudio

    Hi there, I'd like to know if any of you have every tried recording analog drum machines onto a Tascam Portastudio? I want to record a Korg Volca Beats to my Tascam Portastudio 414 mkii but no matter what I try there's feedback and the kick sounds very unstable. Any help at all? Thanks!
  2. Ableton 9 live Korg Krome midi problem

    Hi, There is something I don't understand and I wonder if anyone could help me out? I have Ableton 9 live, a Korg Krome and a focusrite 18i8. Everything is connected as it should, an usb cable from the Korg to the computer and a midi cable coming out from the Korg going in to the focusrite...
  3. Dr_Willie_OBGYN

    Anyone own the software version of the Korg MS 20 mini?

    Anyone own the software version of the Korg MS 20 mini? How does it compare with the hardware version? http://www.korg.com/us/products/synthesizers/ms_20mini/
  4. Korg MS 2000 troubleshooting

    Bought a used Korg MS2000. Half the programs works fine, but in half of the programs most of the keys are silent. Any suggestions?
  5. KORG pandora px1 useful?

    I just bought a FocusRite 2i2 and running a Mac with latest Mavericks OS and will be using Logic Pro X. I have a very old KORG pandora px1 no AC adapter so I have to use batteries. Was wondering if it would at all usful trying to use it for added effects or will have have enough effects in...
  6. Please Help Struggling hooking Korg Kronos to Ableton Live 9 with usb interface

    hi, got a new kronos and want to use as my main keyboard to trigger plug ins on ableton live and also to use as a sound generator utilizing the kronos internal sounds to go directly into ableton via the usb cord. i have the ableton recognizing the kronos and able to use it as keyboard to play...
  7. Syncing NanoKontrol2 Korg with Samplitude pro x

    i've watched videos and can't seem to get it to work probably midi information is being sent, i just want to sync it with the mixer so i can control volume, mute and solo, play, record, etc.. on the fly any suggestions?
  8. audiokid

    Korg MR2000SBK DSD Recorder

    Finally ordered the Korg MR2000SBK. Should be here in a few weeks. If you are using this already, or want to discuss it, please chime in :) My current set-up will be: DAW: Sequoia 12 > DA x 16> MixDream>Dangerous Master>MR2000SBK.
  9. How to use Korg MicroKorg Synthesizer/Vocoder as MIDI controller in Logic ?

    So here is the M-box Mini interface that I am using with Logic Pro 9 . I am thinking about buying a Korg MicroKor because the sounds on it and vocoder but I would also want to be able to use it as a midi controller to control my software instruments in Logic. I currently use a M-Audio Axiom and...
  10. korg kronos

    I was wondering if there are any KORG Kronos owners out there and if they could share their opinions/thoughts on it since I'm thinking of getting the 88-note version for home recording and live use. thanks! ps: I'm not sure this is the right forum... is it?
  11. Korg MS2000, or maybe something else for $ 400?

    hello, First, I wanted to buy a midi keyboard, but I decided that I will buy synth to $ 400:) My choice is a Korg MS2000. Recommend me some other synths for that price. I making electronic music (Ableton): experimental, ambient, witch house, minimal synth, minimal wave, synth. Thanks for any...
  12. guys korg d1600mk 2 or a computer based program to mix and record vocals

    Guys please advise i just bought a korg d1600 mk ii digital mixer and was wondering do i mix my tracks on the mixer without a pc or would you recommend i connect it to the pc and mix the tracks on a pc based software instead. if i have to connect it to the pc how do i link the pc based software...
  13. theycallmebrown

    Help with Korg nano kontrol in PT9

    So i bought the Korg nano kontrol, its awesome and i have it set up and working. BUT i want to be able to edit its functions. for example, the way i have it set up is according to the only setup guide online i could find, where he has already mapped out each button and you just need to load it...
  14. Resale Value of Korg Nx5R

    I have a Korg Nx5R that is like-new. I've been storing it for awhile but need to move and could use the cash. Does anyone know the value of this module in excellent condition? (Or can recommend a better venue for me to check?) Thank You, B.
  15. peterko10ko

    Trigger a Korg with midi? Possible?

    Hi. Ive been making music for a while now but I'm feeling like stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. So far I've been making music either completely on my Korg triton studio or completely on nuendo. But here's what I want to do and don't know what the best way to do it is. I...
  16. audiokid


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  17. Record Korg MS2000B into Ableton live 8

    Hello I am trying to record my Korg Ms2000b into ableton live 8. What kind of gear do I need to make this happen? I have a m-audio 1X1 midi interface running two midi cables into the Korg, but I can't get any sound from my speakers nevermind the ability to record it. I have the track armed...
  18. Pro-recording gear or Korg retailer in Beijing - suggestions?

    Hi, Apologies if this is in wrong place, but I have had trouble finding this out, someone here can maybe help me... I am amidst travels, and would like to pick up a Korg MR-2 (pocketable recorder) in Beijing if possible. Anyone know of any good retailers to try out? Thanks very much!
  19. Alternative to Korg MR-1000?

    Hi recording people, I've been looking at the Korg MR-1000 for some time now to be used for portable recording purposes. It's a couple of years old by now, though, so was wondering if a better alternative has appeared? Sample rate is very important such as the 5.6 MHz 1-bit recording rate of...
  20. KORG 1212 SOUND CARD