1. Earthless

    Adding IO via Adat

    I currently own the RME UFX interface, but time has come to make use of the adat connections and expand the inputs and outputs. Googling around there are not so many options to choose from. Most common may be the Behringer ADA8200 and the Focusrite octopre mic preamp. To suit my needs better i...
  2. mixer stand alone and controller, with adat lightpipe

    Is there on market a good 8 mic channel mixer to use stand alone and also as controller for protools with an adat interface on it? thanks for you suggestions.
  3. Help with MOTU 2408 and ADAT lightpipe

    I have a MOTU 2408 Mark 1 and 2-Adat blackface and 2-Adat XT-20s. I am trying to get the Adats into my computer but I can't seem to find a way to get Cubase or Reaper to see the optical inputs. I also don't have a manual for the 2408 and have not had any success locating one via google, yahoo...
  4. HD24XR into Presonus Firestudio Lightpipe ...

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone here is using the Presonus unit. I'm trying to send lightpipe signal from an Alesis HD24XR to the Presonus then firewire to my DAW. I read on the Presonus site that I needed an approved TI equipped firewire card in the DAW. Bought that, but still static galore...
  5. Can you connect a PT 002 to a 003 via ADAT lightpipe?

    I am about to purchase a 003 and I have a 002. I have in the past hooked up 2 002s via ADAT Lightpipe. If any one can help I would love the answer. I cant even find an answer on the digidesign forums!!!
  6. Saffire Pro 40: Is it possible to use this interface with protools through lightpipe?

    If I had a saffire pro 40 and an [url= Profire Lightbridge[/url], would I be able to use the Saffire Pro 40 8 inputs to track in protools?
  7. Lightpipe question!

    If i was using a "fostex vf160ex" mixer and "SM Pro Audio PR8 MKII 8-Channel Microphone Preamp with Phantom Power" with the lightpipe expansion, would the mixer record the other 8 tracks internally or would it send them to something else? Preamp -
  8. SPDIF vs. AES/EBU vs. ADAT Lightpipe

    Which do you prefer for your connections? Because of the Nyquist Theory and Lightpipe's restriction to 48khz (which really is not a restriction at all), I would think Lightpipe would be the best connection. Does anyone have definitive information on this?
  9. DigiMax 96 Mic Pre/MOTU 2408 - lightpipe trouble

    I am having problem with the following config: Running Digital Performer 3.1 on a G4 (OS9). MOTU 2408 MK III w/ PCI-424 interface and CueMix DSP. I'm running a lightpipe out from a Presonus Digimax 96 to the 2408 with hopes of getting audio recorded (using the lightpipe). Can't get audio to...
  10. lightpipe to firewire?

    This may be stupid, but i'm rather new to all this. (a completely original opening line for a first question though you must admit) Anyway, i need to know if there is a piece of hardware to run lightpipe into from a Radar or Nuendo, and convert it to firewire for my iBook? Details: the band...
  11. SPDIF/AES to Lightpipe converter

    Howdy Is there a box that converts multiple 2-channel digital signal into a single 8-channel signal? For example, if I have a couple of 2-channel A/Ds, a synth with SPDIF out and maybe an FX unit, is there a box that will let me connect them in pairs to the 8 outs of the multichannel...
  12. Lightpipe/Wordclock/BNC cables and convertors

    Hey All; Just upgraded my converters and stuff and had a couple questions: I managed to get a used Lucid ADA8824 and Genx6 for an amazing price, and picked up an RME Digiface to use along with it-I've never used lightpipe/toslink stuff but understand how it all works fine. My questions...
  13. Recording thru ADAT to 2408 via lightpipe

    Lately, because I think the ADAT XT-20 converters sound better than MOTU 2408's, I'll record-enable my ADAT XT 20 and feed this straight out through the lightpipe to the 2408 where it is recorded to Digital Performer. So only one analog to digital conversion is happening, though ADAT is passing...
  14. Is 48K the top rate for ADAT Lightpipe?

    Can anyone answer me this? If yes, what kind of "protocol" is used for 96K on those MOTU Interfaces, those RME Multiface, and all the 96K converters around?